23 Jan 2012

Gucci Men’s I-Gucci Watch YA114212 Watch Review

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Review By: Amy Moolten

Although the Gucci I-Gucci YA114212 Men’s watch offers brand name bragging rights and superior Swiss construction, it’s a hideous eyesore that fails to capture either of the markets between which it lives in aesthetic and pragmatic purgatory. Whoever was Gucci targeting when they came up with this rugged, rubber, ruin?!?! On the one hand, for the serious diver that is more pragmatic than brand conscious, the Gucci Men’s I-Gucci YA114212 only remains water-resistant up to 330 feet down under and thus pales in comparison with the price-wise comparable Invicta Men’s 6555 Subaqua Noma IV Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel watch which is far sportier and takes men to 1650 foot ocean depths in style. On the other end of the spectrum, this Gucci I-Gucci YA114212 Men’s watch watch errs far too heavily on the sporty side to ever attract the traditional Gucci clientele, most of whom enjoy jewelry-esque bling and flair. Furthermore, it is too pricey for the bargain-shopping low-risk aquatic who would likely be just as satisfied with an Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz at $275, keeping them in the shallow end of their wallet while taking them reasonably deep into the ocean abyss with support for twice the depth at 660 feet of water-resistance. Worst of all, the watch is pink which simply does not work aesthetically.

If you must purchase this watch, I beg of you that you at least consider the Gucci Men’s YA114207 I-Gucci Watch instead, at a couple hundred dollars more. The Gucci Men’s YA114207 offers a grey palette that fares better with its most likely intended purpose as an athletic companion. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine paying the $700 (online discounted priced), much less the retail of $1350 for the Gucci I-Gucci YA114212 Men’s watch and certainly not above $1000 for either of these I-Gucci watches. In short, the Gucci I-Gucci YA114212 Men’s watch is not worth your money. It’s no wonder you can find this pastel faux pas online at nearly half the retail price. Believe it or not, I am a big Gucci lover which is why I happily selected the GUCCI Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz Watch for myself and the GUCCI Men’s YA126222 G-Timeless Brown Chronograph G Dial Watch for my husband in a similar price range. For the water athletes in my life, I am sticking with the Invicta Men’s 6555 Subaqua Noma IV Collection Chronograph Stainless Steel watch. In this case, Gucci simply got it wrong. Simply Put: This I-Gucci watch is stylistically homeless in the world of fashion. I urge you to help Gucci redeem their good name: Close your wallet, put this eyesore out of its misery, and keep on shopping!

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