23 Jan 2012

Gucci i-Gucci Women’s Watch YA114404 Review

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Written by: Laura Barber

In all honesty, the Gucci i-Gucci Women’s Watch YA114404 isn’t the prettiest of timepieces. Its grey face and boxy-looking numbers leave a lot to be desired in the fashion department. However, beauty isn’t everything and what this watch lacks in looks; it makes up for it in smarts.

One of the most interesting things about this watch is its ability to display the time for two different time zones. So for example, if you’ve got an international conference call that starts at three o’clock in the afternoon in London, you can set the YA114404 to both local and Greenwich Mean Time so you’ll be sure to make it to the phone on time. This function is made possible with its Swiss digital dual time movement.

Earlier, when I said that this timepiece isn’t very pretty, I wasn’t calling it ugly in a nice way. Because, even though this watch isn’t the best looking, it still has charm and a nerdy cuteness about it that makes it pretty lovable. Compared to other digital watches, Gucci makes this model smaller, sleeker and more polished, and as a result achieves a very modern feel. This is truly a digital watch for the twenty-first century gal.

This timepiece also features:
• A round stainless steel case with a 40 mm diameter
• Pink silicone rubber strap with deployment buckle
• Sapphire crystal
• Water resistance up to 100 feet, or 30 meters
• Indiglo dial

So, now for the important question—is this the watch for you? It could be, especially if you like:
• Digital watches instead of analog ones
• The Gucci brand
• Brand-name items that don’t have logos and the name of the brand featured obnoxiously on them—the most branding you get on this watch is the diamond pattern of double G’s on the bracelet.
• Watches with unique features, such as a dual time zone display

I wouldn’t recommend this watch for you if you’re the kind of person who:
• Likes their watches packed full of features—this watch is pretty basic as it only displays the two times and their distinguishing cities.
• Prefers an analog watch
• Doesn’t have over $1,000 to spend

To break down the important stuff, this selection from the i-Gucci collection might be just what you’re looking for if modern-looking digital watches are more your taste. You should probably look elsewhere if you prefer a watch boasting a long list of features, or have a smaller budget. Either way, the YA114404 is definitely one of a kind.

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