01 Feb 2012

Gucci i-Gucci Women’s Watch YA114401

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Written by Joshua Dhyani

There seems to be an i- for everything these days. From pods, books, and tunes, there is no end to what can not have an i put in front of it and it suddenly becomes a whole lot better. I think that is part of the reasoning behind the i-Gucci collection of watches, and hopefully it is every bit as i as other products that bare the coveted letter. The Gucci I-Gucci Women’s Watch YA114401 is the type of watch you would expect to see from something jumping on the tech bandwagon of i products that the world has seemed to claw and hurdle over each other to claim. It features a rubber bracelet for comfort and gives it a very “geek chic” vibe with its less than metallic quality and emphasis on function over aesthetics. But it is still a Gucci product, rubber bracelet or not and it still looks very good.

The black dial with the black bracelet is a very cool and tech savvy look as well. This motif is further emphasized by the digital display of the watch. Furthermore, the watch features Swiss quartz movement so you know it is good because the Swiss obviously know their stuff. But back tot he digital display. We got numbers all over this thing, and you may be wondering what happened to the time and when did it require calculations. Fear not, because in this crazy world this watch has a display that is going to tell you everything you need, that is, just as soon as you figure out what it is trying to say at all with its multiple displays. But what would an i product be if it didn’t have multiple digital displays?

The watch is also scratch resistant and water resistant to 30 meters so you won’t break it typing at your computer. I think this watch is best described as for trendy geeks who are looking to keep it Gucci while still staying true to their computer roots.  If you are looking for some real Gucci swag, this probably isn’t the show stopper you are looking for. However, if you just love i products and want to show your a tech savvy mofo who also knows how to keep it styling, then this is the piece for you.

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