13 Jul 2011

Gucci G-Timeless Medium Men’s Watch YA126401 Review

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Written by: Travis Farris

The G-Timeless

Gucci's G-Timeless Men's Watch, all steel and silver and sharp.

Gucci isn’t only a watch brand. The Italian company, over a hundred years old, focuses mainly on fashion… and all that it entails. All kinds of clothing and accessories can be found, and many of them are quite high-end. However, one of their relatively lower-priced watches is well worth your consideration. At just under $700, possibly even less under some retailers, the G-Timeless Men’s Medium Watch YA126401 provides an excellent option for a less-than-luxury purchase.

If I had to describe this watch in one word, it would be “solid.” With strong edges, stainless steel case, silver dial, and steel buckled bracelet, the entire thing just feels firm and dependable, while maintaining a calm but strong appearance. By default, there is not a stroke of color on the G-Timeless in its entirety; all steel and silver, the watch sits at a clean gray in various levels of polish and shine. There are no numbers on the face, only lines indicating hour marks. These are very clear and well-shaped, somewhat rectangular to add to its competent feel, and lie entirely uncluttered beneath the glare-resistant crystal casing. Aside from hour marks, the only things sharing the clock face are the minimalistic Gucci logo and a single number near the 4-hour mark, an off-center choice that adds some of the only stylistic flair permitted on the timepiece.

The hands are the only other part I’d call stylish outright. Not the second hand so much, as it’s a simple tapering needle-shape. The minute and hour hands through, with their long, slender leaf-shape, add a nice touch to the otherwise compact and modest nature of the G-Timeless.

Back View

Front to back, bells and whistles aren't a part of this timepiece, and the design benefits from its simplicity.

The Swiss manufacturing is indicative of a reliable functionality, and if for some reason this turns out not to be the case, Gucci’s 2 year warranty is an incredible safety net for the financially concerned. Given the price, of course, it’s clear that this simply won’t compare to the higher-end watches on the market, and if you’re looking for something flashy, this isn’t it. There are two alternative looks for the watch, but all these offer is a different shading on the clock face, and neither presents much color.

Some might see that as a disadvantage, but I personally do not. In fact, I want this watch, in its default silver and all. I’m not exactly what you’d call rich, so that price to me makes the timepiece feel realistic and plausible; it feels that if I really wanted a good watch, this one could be something to save for. There’s just something about the simplicity of the G-Timeless design that makes one stop and think, “I would enjoy wearing that.”

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