20 Jul 2011

Gucci 1921 Collection Women’s Black Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle and Case Watch YA130402 Review

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Written by: Linda Gayle Parker

Front View - Gucci 1921 Collection Ladies Bangle Watch

Front View - Gucci 1921 Collection Ladies Bangle Watch

Gucci 1921 Collection Women’s Black Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle and Case Watch YA130402 is a wonderfully unique and stylish ladies timepiece, which can also be boasted of as a marvelous piece of jewelry.

I often find that rows of watches, regardless of decorative displays, price tag highs and lows, or pedigree of designer, look much the same to me, clunky, utilitarian, and ho-hum. I would far rather wear a nice piece of jewelry on my wrist. This watch, however, is jewelry. It stands out from the crowd, as a watch bangle, with a uniquely bold and yet minimalist, graphical, and curvaceous style.

The Gucci 1921 Special Edition Collection was created in honor of Gucci’s 90th anniversary. This women’s timepiece line also hearkens back to the fashion sensibilities of the early 1920’s, the era of black and white silent films, flappers, and bold but minimal graphic design. This vintage influence can readily be seen, with the contrast between black leather and stainless steel, between round links and a square, and with a refusal to clutter the face with dates, seconds, even individually marked minutes or numbers. The hours are marked in a very minimalist fashion, with simple graphical batons, for eight out of the twelve hours. Perhaps 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock are simply unimportant to the stylish lady? Hmmm. The only readable, and presumably important, text on the watch face is the name GUCCI.  This ladies watch is obviously intended to convey style, fashion-presence, and the sophistication evident in a streamlined attitude to practicality.

That being said, this watch is not one that I would feel comfortable wearing with jeans and a t-shirt. It would be better served with a stylish wardrobe to match it. I can see Gucci’s 1921 Collection being favored by lovers of the arts, of jewelry, of fashion, and particularly, fans of unique style, rather than convention or a desire for a purely practical timepiece. It does stand out as something different, feminine, and unique, and will no doubt garner compliments for the wearer.

Ok, lets get to those tedious practical details:

  • This YA130402 model has a square-shaped, black leather (calfskin) and polished stainless steel case, which measure 25 x 25 mm.
  • This is a bangle watch, made of black leather (calfskin) and polished stainless steel, with a jewelry clasp.
  • The dial is solid black, with silver baton markings for eight out of the 12 hours, and silver hands.
  • The name Gucci is figured discreetly, but prominently on the dial.
  • Contains quartz movement, with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, as perfected by the Swiss.
  • This watch is theoretically “water-resistant to 100 feet or 30 meters.” However, since it is partially made of calfskin leather, water exposure should be avoided!
  • 2 year warranty
Back View - Gucci 1921 Collection Ladies Bangle Watch YA130402

Back View - Gucci 1921 Collection Ladies Bangle Watch YA130402

Drawbacks to this watch as I have already noted, above, include the exclusion of numerals to mark the hours on the dial, as well as a cavalier attitude to minutes. There are no minute markings on the dial. Only eight out of the twelve hours are marked with simple, silver batons. Neither date or seconds are included in the display either. Again, this timepiece is more about style than practicality. This is also born up by the fact that the watch case itself, and portions of the bangle, are made of calfskin leather. This is not something you can replace, like a simple, solid-leather watchband, if you get it wet too often. This watch demands care, not knock-about daily wear-and-tear. Treat it like a fine piece of jewelry.

This Gucci ladies watch is readily available for viewing or purchase from gucci.com/us, as well as other American websites. An alternate version also comes in brown leather, rather than black. Amazon.com lists this item as out of stock, however you might want to check with them periodically. This watch is priced at $1150. I believe the price is commensurate with the unique style, and materials used, for this watch, along with the Gucci name.

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