15 Jan 2012

Gucci 114 I-Gucci Men’s Watch YA114209 Review

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By: Kevin Hatton

The I-Gucci Men’s watch YA114209 is a very smooth and cleanly designed watch from Gucci. The case and bezel are made from a brown PVD stainless steel which has a rose-gold tone to match the brown dial face. The brown rubber strap is adorned with the signature “GG” and is secured with a deployment style clasp. The analog style digital display is a matching brown tone and features two different chronographs and a day and date calendar. The display is protected by a scratch resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The chronograph uses Swiss made parts and quartz movement. This watch is shock resistant and water resistant up to 99 feet or 30 meters.

The multiple brown tones gives this watch a rather strange appearance. It has all the elegance one would expect from a Gucci product and the colors are certainly within the typical Gucci repertoire but this isn’t a hand bag. Not to suggest that this watch lacks in masculinity just that it’s very specific and uncharacteristic color scheme and design limit its application. Like a hand bag, this piece will have to match the outfit. It is hard to imagine this as a casual everyday watch and your wardrobe may lack appropriate accompaniments. But this is a men’s watch without a doubt and it is a men’s sized watch coming in at a whopping 45 mm and 12 mm thick. The manufacturer’s list price exceeds $1,300 but the watch is available at around $900 from online retailers.

The color scheme and clean look is certainly attractive, this is definitely a sleek and elegant watch. The problem is the choice of color. The chocolate tones that make up this watch force into a very limited capacity. I’m not a fashion maven but the application of this Gucci timepiece seems as persnickety as that of a matching Gucci hand bag. While this may be not be a huge problem as there are certainly plenty of ensembles that would perfectly accentuate this smooth lines and darker color what is important to consider is the price of this watch. Even after being heavily discounted from retailers on the internet the cost of this watch is still quite high flirting around the $1,000 mark. That much for a watch like this one makes its purchase a questionable one if you just need to keep the time. If you’re look for a dressier watch that is a little different but not overbearing and flashy then this may just be the perfect watch.

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