03 Aug 2011

Marina Chain Small Women’s Watch YA121502

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Written by Ben Miller

Gucci watches make for excellent accessories for any woman of style, which is why the Marina Chain Women’s Watch YA121502 is the perfect symbol of sophistication made to accent casual or dress wear. Its elegant design, simple function and practical features make the Marina Chain a desirable Swiss timepiece for any lady.

Marina Chain stainless steel women's watch

The Marina Chain collection boasts elegance and simplicity


  • Quartz precision time keeping
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face
  • Mother-of-Pearl dial
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet

This Gucci timepiece boasts elegance and simplicity. The distinctive Mother-of-pearl dial comes unmarked save for the Gucci logo in the 12-o’clock position. The stainless steel band immediately catches the eye and draws onlookers into its oval casing, revealing the bold black hour and minute hands. The integrity of the Marina Chain allows the watch to function while submerged, up to 30 meters ( or approximately 99 feet). It is preferable to expose it to water only during quick showers, rather than a full on dip in the lake.

The two quartz batteries used to operate this timepiece are concealed within the screwed down case, measuring 26mm in diameter (1.02 in). Designed to rest comfortably along a feminine wrist, the 7 inch bracelet length and the Pin & Buckle strap securely fasten the timepiece to your side throughout the day.


  • Elegant Swiss design
  • 30 meter water resistance
  • Not as expensive as other designer brands
  • Flexible style for everyday casual wear or formal attire
  • Two- Three year battery life


  • Lack of markings lead to time-guessing rather than time-telling
  • Stainless steel band is often cold to the touch when first adorned

Though its design is quite elegant and flexible for day-to-day fashion, the Marina Chain YA121502 operates more through its look than its function. Without a marked dial, you may find yourself double-checking the hands to properly guess the time. This wristwatch is made specifically to accent style, which means it need not even operate to perform its desired function; that’s not to say it’s unsuitable though. Depending on where you shop the price can range from $450-800, making it an affordable accessory compared to its competitors, especially with a 24-month warranty in its purchase.

Marina Chain shown on a woman's wrist

There are several variations to the Marina Chain collection, including a replica bangle with a sheer black dial and others with diamonds set as hour markers. These more embellished wristwatches often range up to $1,600, so unless you’re dead set on having that specific piece, the simplicity of the Marina Chain YA121502 Women’s Bangle may be the best style for the best price.

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