24 Dec 2011

Gucci Marina Chain YA121507 Watch

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An image of the Gucci Marina Chain YA121507 Watch

Gucci Marina Chain YA121507 Watch

Written by: Jatinder Sandhu

If few things are more beautiful than bestowing your significant other with a symbolic chain to show your bond and commitment to one another, then perhaps the Gucci Marina Chain YA121507 Watch is the perfect gift to show how much you care.  The watch can also be a gorgeous accessory to treat yourself with, as the bangle-style band adds a graceful finish to a professional or casual wardrobe.

The oval face is elegantly juxtaposed by two diamond strips framing the top and bottom of the face.  The black dial is void of any markings, preventing the watch from looking too busy and emphasizing the timepiece as a piece of intricately crafted jewelry. This watch can complement anything from an elegant black dress to a fun outfit worn for a fun night out with friends. Elegance, timelessness, versatility: all things that you can expect from your investment in a Gucci watch.  The bold links on this Marina Chain Watch add an element of personal style without compromising quality.

Pros: The most obvious excitement about the Marina Chain is that this watch has some serious bling.

  • There are twenty-four diamonds in the bezel inset, which is a grand total of .4 carats.   The combination of the diamonds and the polished stainless steel band make this Gucci Marina Chain YA121507 Watch a truly bedazzling bangle to behold.
  • The pin buckle clasp and scratch-proof sapphire resistant crystal add to this watches’ credibility as a sound investment.
  • All Gucci watches are Swiss-made and waterproof up to 30 meters, reducing the risk of accidental damage.  The sapphire scratch-resistant crystal is an added bonus.

Cons: In this timepiece, style takes precedent over function or conventional beauty.

  • The dial does not have any sort of markings, making its use as watch very minimal, and possibly hard to read.
  • The bold chain-aesthetic may not be the best gift idea if the person you are buying it for has more conservative tastes.  Some women may take offense to the illusion of being chained to a man, like such bold jewelry choices sometimes suggest.  My advice is to shop wisely, and know the person you are shopping for prior to buying.

The Final Word: This watch is a stunning piece of jewelry for the fearless woman who is not afraid to be bold with her jewelry choices.  Retailing at $2,295, the price is steep but worth it considering the 24 diamond bezel.

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