25 Jul 2011

Gucci Marina Chain YA121309 Ladies Watch Review

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Written By: Christine Texeira

Front View: Gucci Marina Chain YA121309

Combination Design

There are a number of factors that go into the design of, and then decision in buying, a watch. The shape of the watch face, the material of the band, and the brand, or rather the amount of craftsmanship that goes into creating your watch.  The Gucci Marina Chain YA121309 combines rounded edges with a sleek sharpness to create a functional and elegant watch.

The Marina Chain ladies watch features the motif of an anchor chain, arising from the realm of yachting in the 1960s, a popular activity for those fashionable clients of mid-century Gucci. This model has a square face set in an oval stainless steel casing, allowing for a rigid timepiece as well as the soft edges of an exquisite piece of jewelery. The band, as well, combines two popular options for watch wear—the leather band and the jewelery band. A brown leather strap with stainless steel link accents surround the band and secure together with a tang-style clasp.

Gucci’s Marina Chain YA121309 also includes scratch resistant sapphire crystal to protect the watch face, Swiss-made quartz movement to maintain ever-accurate time, official Gucci presentation packaging, a warranty, and water-resistance down to thirty meters, or ninety-nine feet. All standards for Gucci-quality watches.

To sum things up—
No decisions! Square and oval possibilities combine successfully into an aesthetically appealing mixture of clean lines and soft brilliance. Leather and stainless steel also work together for a watch that will shine appropriately day and night, casual or formal.
The Marina Chain YA121309 is still a watch first and foremost, but the delicate silver baton markers and the silver minute and hour hands, all on a very similar silver face is not the easiest timepiece to read. Though this watch is flexible for formal and casual outings, the face and casing form a large central piece, which might overpower a delicate wrist. There are smaller options in the Marina Chain collection with YA121514, YA121502, YA121503, YA121504, YA121515, and YA121516. For more fine detail find a Mother of Pearl face in Marina Chain YA121502, and diamond hour markers in YA121503 and YA121504.

If you appreciate the duality of this piece, and think your wrist can handle a larger accessory with incredible detail, the Gucci Marina Chain YA121309 is a fantastic option.

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