Gucci 112 Twirl Ladies Watch Review, Model YA112517

Written By: Caitlin Rojas This modern timepiece is a classic addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It is simple, yet colorful, and bound to add a splash of brightness to daytime attire or evening wear. The bangle style band of the Gucci 112 Twirl Ladies Watch, Model YA112517, is a unique touch of elegance. Gucci’s Twirl.. read more →

Gucci 1921 Womens Watch YA130403 Review

Written By: Christine Texeira Gucci introduced the 1921 collection of watches this year in celebration of its 90th anniversary as a fashion powerhouse and purveyor of quality clothing and accessories. The watches in this collection are reminiscent of 1920s style and clearly exude the, at times, necessity of fashion over function. The Gucci 1921 YA130403.. read more →

Gucci Coupe Mens Watch YA131303 Review

Written By: Christine Texeira The Gucci Coupé YA131303 looks as sleek and powerful as it sounds. Like a coupé, this timepiece is sporty, yet refined. A watch is the classic accessory for men, and a Gucci Coupé reminds you that you have places to be and people to meet with obvious style. The Coupé watch.. read more →