Gucci Women’s U-Play Kit Review YFA50030

Written by:  Kaitlin Young Gucci’s U-Play line is the epitome of adaptability and lets each woman individualize her own watch, so it doesn’t look like something that rolled off the manufacturer’s line with a million other identical pieces. The U-Play YFA50030 is a part of the customization process. It’s a set of interchangeable pieces—wristband and.. read more →

Gucci 1921 Collection Women’s Camel Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle Watch and Case YA130401 Review

Written by: Kirsten Richards Gucci is a name synonymous with elegance.  In honor of its 90th anniversary, Gucci created the 1921 line of watches, which are indeed elegant.  The Gucci Women’s 1921 Camel Leather Bangle Watch YA130401 provides a throwback to the refined tastes of the 1920s while incorporating the modern trend of camel-colored leather.. read more →

Gucci 1921 Collection Women’s Black Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle and Case Watch YA130402 Review

Written by: Linda Gayle Parker Gucci 1921 Collection Women’s Black Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle and Case Watch YA130402 is a wonderfully unique and stylish ladies timepiece, which can also be boasted of as a marvelous piece of jewelry. I often find that rows of watches, regardless of decorative displays, price tag highs and lows, or.. read more →

YA120507 Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women’s Watch

The Timepiece YA120507 Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Watch, Black Beautiful. Modern. Elegant. Gucci. The legacy of Gucci’s design style lives on in the elegant Tornabuoni collection. This timepiece from the Tornabuoni collection is sophisticated and elegant with its simple lines and lavish accents. The YA120507 piece from the collection is deceptively simple from a distance, but.. read more →

07 Mar 2010
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