Gucci U-Play Kit with Gold Leather Watch Case and Bracelet- YFA50025

The Gucci U-Play is designed with individuality in mind. It is made with an easily removable and attachable bezels and bracelets, to ensure a high range of customization. Apart from buying watch sets from Gucci that contain everything: the case, the dial, the bracelet, and the bezel, you can also buy kits that offer new.. read more →

Gucci Women’s Brown Leather Twirl – YA112433

The Gucci Twirl is an innovative product, in that it is a watch that can give the look and feel of a bracelet. With a thick leather bracelet and steel case it is an undeniably distinctive watch. The defining feature of this watch is that the case of the watch is on an axis that.. read more →

Such Grace, the G-Class YA055504 Women’s Watch

Written By: Ben Miller When a lady needs a quality accessory to complement her fine tastes, Gucci watches have always come in a variety of styles to fit any preferences. The Gucci G-Class collection offers remarkably simple, yet well-crafted timepieces that resonate with classic design and striking features, which makes this brand appealing to the.. read more →

Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501 Review

Written by: Kirsten Richards If you want a Gucci watch that can be worn on a daily basis, the Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501 is a great investment.  It demonstrates the classic elegance of the Gucci name while allowing more functionality than some of Gucci’s pricier watch designs. The polished silver stainless.. read more →

Gucci Women’s YA121302 121 Marina Chain Quartz Watch Review

By: Camille Hansen If you are looking for a fashionable lady’s watch to wear out on the town, then take a look at the Gucci Women’s YA121302 121 Marina Chain Quartz Watch. This watch comes with some unique features, including a beautiful blue mother of pearl dial with silver hands. The stainless steel buckle’s unique.. read more →

Gucci Marina Chain Red Ceramic Women’s Watch YA121516 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young Looking at the Gucci Marina Chain YA121516, it’s easy to see how it was inspired by the Gucci bracelets of the same name. Back in the 1960s, Gucci began creating the yacht-inspired Marina Chain, and in 2009 it revealed the Marina Chain watch. The rounded links on the chain are polished.. read more →

G-Gucci Mother of Pearl Women’s Watch YA125404 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young The Gucci G-class YA125404 watch is nothing short of eye-catching. The link bracelet and mother of pearl dial make this a piece of jewelry that keeps time rather than just a simple watch. This timepiece is both chic and elegant, which makes it perfect for dressy occasions. However, the true elegance.. read more →

Gucci Chiodo YA122512: Tradition and Modern Luxury

Written By: Christine Texeira Sometimes you want to wear subtle elegance, and other times you want to sparkle and make a statement beyond just elegance—you want to be bold. Gucci crafts watches for both moods, and if you are in the mood of something breathtaking and eye catching then Gucci’s Chiodo YA122512 is just the.. read more →

Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Small Watch YA125508 Review

Written by: Kirsten Richards The Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Small Watch YA 125508 can serve two purposes: a timepiece and an exquisite adornment for any woman’s wrist.  Its stainless steel polished silver bracelet offers the elegance and delicacy that Gucci is famous for providing in women’s watches. The G-Gucci collection is almost.. read more →

G-Frame YA127510 Review – Resoundingly Gucci

Written By: Christine Texeira Gucci provides a number of collections that feature elegant watches with modern touches—essentially, they make attractive watches that people want to wear. A smaller part of their appeal is in their name, and its connection to well-made, fashionable items. The Gucci G-Frame YA127510 captures the unique style of Gucci along with.. read more →