Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511 Review

Written by Laura Rensing Do you ever feel like you lead a charmed life?  Why not accentuate it with the Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511?  With links of circles and squares along the small bracelet, this charm-like bracelet is sure to keep you on time and on trend for years to come. Gucci’s strength.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni YA120510 Review

Written by Leslie Foss Some women would rather not wear a watch.  The very word invokes images of a heavy metal wristband swinging from their arm, one which doesn’t match their elegant style and delicate wrists.  For these women, a “timepiece” is much more suitable.  Timepieces are also watches, that’s true, but the word is.. read more →