Gucci U-Play YA129502 Watch Review

If you want a stylish, classy, simple look from a nouveau brand that shines for less than four figures, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 is the way to go. Unlike the Gucci 1921 Quartz Women’s YA130405 which will drive you north of $10,000, you can rest assured that with a new Gucci U-Play YA129502 you will.. read more →

Gucci Women’s YA121505 Marina Chain Quartz Watch Review

If you want a blingy look and feel that screams Gucci from afar, and you don’t want to spend that college tuition, the Gucci Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz watch is the watch for you. I love this watch. It retails at $1345, but you can find it online for much less. Unlike the.. read more →