25 Dec 2011

The Gucci YA114202 i-Gucci Men’s Watch: More Suave than Tech

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Written By: Joseph Winn

Image of the face and front of a Gucci YA114202 i-Gucci Men's Watch

The i-Gucci offers a techgeek fashionista look, but not any multimedia functions

Men’s watches come in classic styles, functional styles and also more modern, eye-catching looks. The Gucci YA114202 i-Gucci trends towards a more current, hip look and audience. The name itself brings in the trend of i-Naming, but the watch itself is not a gadget watch and instead leans more towards the style of today rather than the multi-functionality of a tech-geek product.

The YA114202 i-Gucci features a round stainless-steel face with white digits against a black face for its time readout. One of visual style features of the piece is the dual time movement, where the digital readout runs across the top of the watch face and the bottom, giving two different time readouts if so desired. It gives the face of the watch a striking look, but may be too cluttered and busy for some buyers. A city abbreviation between the two time readouts acknowledges the alternate time readout. The watch is analog-digital if you want to switch to an analog readout, and the white on black look remains for analog readout as well.


  • Dual time movement
  • Alarm
  • Date and City readout on face
  • Nice mirrored look to the dual time readout


  • Not quite ready to be a suit and tie watch.
  • Digital face readout can appear cluttered
  • Tech name, but no tech features

The i-Gucci is a watch lingering in the $1,000 or more price range, but doesn’t quite make the luxury level by that price or by its looks. The band on the YA114202 is a black rubber adjustable strip, which may call to mind a far less expensive watch. This makes the i-Gucci a tougher choice for those looking to use this watch as both an everyday, work and play watch, and as part of their dress attire.

Image of the front of a Gucci i-Gucci Grammy Special Edition

While Gucci offers variations on the i-Gucci, most come down to strap and image differences, leaving a true techgeek out of media options.

Considering these factors, this puts the Gucci YA114202 in a strange spot. It looks tech savvy on the face, but is not actually a tech savvy product. The watch itself hovers between casual and luxurious, featuring a crystal glass covering that is a step up from plexiglass, a stainless-steel case and Gucci name. On the other hand, the black rubber band and color choice makes the watch appear more plastic than a completely stainless-steel or leather banded watch might.

If you want a tech watch, you may look towards more gadget centered watches offered by the likes of Tag Heuer. What the Gucci YA114202 i-Gucci has over some other tech and gadget geared watches is a more stylish look. Even though the face of the watch can be called busy, many a tech watch is overflowing with dials while the i-Gucci looks simplified in comparison. Overall, the watch still feels like it is in a weird position, being tech-themed without tech-functional.

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