04 Jan 2012

Gucci Special Edition GRAMMY I-Gucci Men’s Watch Review

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Written by: Victoria Farina

The Gucci Men’s YA114217 I-Gucci Digital GRAMMY Special Edition Black Watch is the watch for the rock star in any man. This digital watch is both cool and modern with a large round gold-toned stainless steel case and sparkling, square shaped diamonds in the bezel. The black rubber band and black dial with gold, digital display make this watch rock n’ roll bling.

Image of I-Gucci YA114217 Digital GRAMMY Special Edition Black Watch

The I-Gucci Special Edition GRAMMY Watch helps to support music history.

Of course, you do not have to be a rocker to rock this watch, but this I-Gucci Special Edition does, in fact, have a very real association with the music world. This is a special edition watch born out of an exclusive three-year partnership between Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry and The Recording academy. This is an initiative which will support the GRAMMY museum which preserves significant moments and recordings in music history. Therefore, by owning this watch, you are actually supporting a part of our musical heritage!

The design of the I-Gucci GRAMMY Special Edition watch really does bring together fashion and music. It has the large, oversized round watch case which grabs your attention which is so popular with the celebrity crowd nowadays and the black and gold coloring combined with diamonds make it dark and alluring yet flashy and stylish. It can be worn equally well as an everyday watch, or for a night on the town.

The I-Gucci collection is Gucci’s first collection of digital timepieces and this watch has plenty of features for the digi-savvy. The digital display can show the day, date, year and time of day information and two different time zones can be viewed on the display simultaneously. The user can also switch between a digital numerical display and a digital clock with hands. Using the buttons on the side of the case, the user can easily switch between these functions and adjust the watch to meet their preferences.

This I-Gucci is an attractive watch and comes in several different options, including the choice of a black or white band. This rubber strap features both the Gucci and GRAMMY logos. This is a nice feature for those who do not mind having those logos displayed but it is certainly something to consider before investing in this Special Edition watch which is certainly on the expensive side at around $7,900. However, knowing that some of that money will go to a good cause combined with the ultra cool rock star image of the watch might just make this watch a winner.


Image of the I-Gucci YA114217 Digital GRAMMY Special Edition Watch in white

The I-Gucci GRAMMY Watch also comes in White

  • Cool and fashionable
  • Supports music history
  • Special Edition watch


  • Pricey
  • Some might not like having both Gucci and Grammy logos on their watch
  • Rubber band seems a bit cheap for such an expensive watch
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