18 Nov 2011

Gucci Men’s YA114215 I-Gucci Digital GRAMMY

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Picture of I-Gucci Men's watch

For a watch, it is rather unclear what the time actually is.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Where Gucci is often a brand associated with women’s accessories, their new line of wrist watches will finally give the men of the fashion world their long-owed homage. The Gucci Men’s YA114215 Digital Grammy may seem like a modern technophile’s dream come true, but look out, while the watch helps generate money for a good cause, its price tag is still very steep for a rather plain and uninspiring timepiece.

The I-Gucci YA114215 is the first digital watch that Gucci has ever created. The watch’s patented sapphire-crystal covering promises to be both scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. Likewise, the rubber-based band and steel case are water-resistant. The I-Gucci line boasts many combinations of colors in both bands and frames, so a customer is guaranteed to find something they like among the myriad of choices. Backed by the Grammy Awards, Gucci’s contract with the foundation helps to provide funds for the Grammy’s many initiatives around the world. In a way, purchases of the I-Gucci Grammy Special Edition are like donations. A few versions of the I-Gucci feature diamond studs around the frame for men that like a little bling with their watch.

The advantages of the YA114215 are fairly self-explanatory. It won’t scratch, it won’t glare, and if you accidentally run it through the wash there is a high chance of it surviving. Its color scheme is simple and elegant. The large face allows for easy-access to the information that you are looking for. If sports watches with their many needless and confusing buttons do not appeal to you, then the simplicity of the I-Gucci line will likely peak your interest.

The largest drawback of the YA114215 is its price. A staggering $1,395 is a large chunk of pocket-change to unload on a watch that has very few real features or attributes that any ten-dollar sports watch would. What does this mean for interested parties? It means that while a sports watch can tell time, pull up a stopwatch, be a calculator, and still give you the date, the I-Gucci is a one-trick pony. Yes, you can see the date, time, and year all at once, but that is all you can expect this expensive piece of plastic to do. The digital watch face is crowded and the numbers jumble together; this makes it hard to tell whether you are seeing the time or something else.

In cases like these, I encourage potential consumers to ask whether the limited functionality of a mediocre watch is worth $1,395. If the Grammy foundation partnership is enough incentive to incite a purchase, then you are a more charitable person than I am.

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