28 Nov 2011

Gucci I-Gucci Watch YA114214

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Written By Katherine Conaway


Gucci I-Gucci Watch YA114214

Gucci I-Gucci Watch YA114214

While Gucci is known for it’s high fashion style, it has stayed in tune with society’s trends and offers more casual, sporty options along with the classic styles and luxury lines. The men’s Gucci I-Gucci Watch YA114214 is an embodiment of this modern, casual style with its combination of materials and digital technology.


The watch band is white rubber with the Gucci red and green stripes below the face on the bracelet as well as the double G Gucci diamond pattern imprinted around the bracelet in the rubber band. The case is stainless steel around a digital display. The relatively large display itself is playfully laid out with variations in size of numbers and organization that makes use of the full round screen space. It has day and date displays, an alarm clock, and a second time zone. The bezel features the Gucci name on the left side.



  • White stainless steel case and rubber bracelet
  • Digital time
  • Swiss movement
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire
  • 2 year warranty



  • Moderately expensive; it costs $1,350
  • Only water resistant to 30 m/100 ft


Gucci I-Gucci Watch 228491 I16Q0 8180

Gucci I-Gucci Watch

Gucci I-Gucci Grammy Special Edition Watch 244072 J87I0 9075

Gucci I-Gucci Grammy Special Edition

The women’s Gucci I-Gucci watch (Gucci website model 228491 I16Q0 8180) has a pink rubber strap with the imprinted double G Gucci diamond pattern and the same digital display design. This and the white women’s I-Gucci are $1,250. The Gucci I-Gucci Grammy Special Edition watch (Gucci website model  244072 J87I0 9075) has a similar overall layout but with several distinctive features. It has a yellow PVD case, and the white rubber strap has the Gucci name and Grammy logo engraved. Around the face, “Grammy Music Awards Gucci Special Edition” is written in a dark yellow. The digits on the display are also yellow against the silver grey background. This watch only costs a bit more than the YA114214 at $1,395.


The I-Gucci line is a nod to technology and casual style with the digital faces and rubber straps. Maintaining the Gucci caliber of Swiss movement, these watches are more fit for the everyday with their multiple digital functions and durable rubber straps. The Gucci I-Gucci Watch YA114214 is a sporty, functional timepiece with elements of Gucci style fused with technology and everyday wearability.

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