Gucci History

Gucci WatchesIt all started in Florence, Italy in 1906 when founder Guccio Gucci opened the House of Gucci and began creating incredible leather goods.  In 1938 he expanded to Rome and after his death his son Aldo expanded the company.  In 1947 the iconic product, the bamboo handle handbag, was launched and during the 1950’s the trademark green red green webbing became famous, which came from the horse world.   This is also the time when the horsebit became a part of the design element.  Guccio died in 1953 just when the Manhattan store opened creating a global presence.  The company began to make watches in the early 1970’s and soon became one of the leading watch distributors and manufacturers.  The design combines a sense of Italian style true to the roots of the brand with high quality and precision Swiss craftsmanship.  Such stars as Audrey Hepburn, Peter Sellers and Grace Kelly have made the brand famous in Hollywood.  Gucci created the iconic Flora silk scarf especially for Grace Kelly in 1966 and the Jackie Kennedy shoulder bag now know as the Jackie “O”.  By the late 1960’s the company adopted the famous GG logo.  Today Gucci watches are known for their leading edge fashion for both men and women.