05 Aug 2011

The Gucci Coupé Men’s Large Watch. YA131302

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Written By: Ben Miller

The main difference between a man’s watch and woman’s watch is that a woman’s is made to be decorative while a man’s is made to be a tool. Like comparing a hammer and lipstick each one can be useful, but one is meant to look good while the other is meant to do good.  Breaking from this pattern though is the  Men’s Gucci Coupé YA131302 Wristwatch which performs with function with no sacrifice to style.

 The Gucci Coupé YA131302

The Gucci Coupé YA131302 features a plethora of detail

The G-Coupé has the basic form of a squared stainless steel bezel with bumpers and etched crown running along it side. The inner black dial is protected by a sapphire crystal plate and features the iconic “G” dial with the distinguished green and red band of Gucci colors. White baton markers overlay the stylistic “G”. Only the three and nine o’clock numerals are fully featured on the dial but the silver hour and minute hands keep time by the hour marks while minuscule second markings run around the outer dial to add further detail to the time keeping. The white and silver markings all around the dial make for a quick and accessible time reading as the light colors stand out against the black surface with with beaming clarity.

A secondary dial hosts the Gucci name brand, superimposed on the checkered Guilloché; the patterned portion of any wristwatch used to mark authenticity and protect buyers from forgery. This subtle pattern also adds decorative flair to the inner dial.

Two versions of the Gucci Coupé side-by-side, Black and Brown

The Coupé collection comes in a variety of color and style

The twelve o’clock position hosts the day calendar while the second hand and chronograph are housed in a secondary aperture at the six o’clock position. The chronograph start/stop and reset features are presented in the form of curved bumpers along the side of the bezel. Between them is the knurled crown with a slight “G” etching on its top, which pops out and is turned to wind the mainspring. All three switches allow for easy access while still retaining the sleek design of the watch itself.

The Gucci Coupé Men’s watch YA131302 is kept at your side with a black and tan leather bracelet strap, running 8 inches long and tied with a fold over clasp. This watch is powered by a quartz battery and is water resistant up to 100 ft. Though the strap itself is perforated to allow the wrist beneath the watch to breath,  the strap is likely to lose texture and break if submerged for an extended period of time.

The dimensions are quite large, measuring 40 mm (1.57 in) and 8 inches in length, so it is best suited for a man of larger frame.This watch makes an excellent choice for any man who places function and style at the top of their list. Able to blend with formal, business or casual wear, this piece is even solid enough to survive hiking trips or work out regimens. The YA131302 allows for pricission timekeeping while looking stylish on any man.

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