20 Jul 2011

Gucci Coupé YA131306 Watch Review

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Written by: Kirsten Richards

Gucci recently introduced the Coupé line to its already stunning array of men’s watches. The Gucci Coupé YA131306 is the most impressive of the several Coupé models available. The sleek, vintage design is a must-have for a man looking to reveal his impeccable taste.

Gucci Coupé YA131306 Men's Watch

Gucci Coupé YA131306 Men's Watch

This particular model demonstrates a striking contrast of black and silver with several additional features:

  • a black leather band, at 8 inches in length, with small square detailing to enhance its texture
  • a traditional fold over clasp, a fitting nod to the vintage nature of the piece
  • a brushed stainless steel case measuring 40mm by 40mm, appropriately masculine in form
  • solid white lines in place of numerals that contrast with the black base of the face and add to the sleek and sporty design
  • two extra time telling mechanisms: a date counter, with classic brushed stainless steel lines and a second-hand, adding to the sporty look
  • the Gucci signature, showing the wearer’s clear commitment to vintage style

In true Gucci fashion, the watch is sturdily made. The crystal covering the watch face is scratch resistant, and it is waterproof to 100 meters.  There’s no need to change your watch if you are going out on your boat or off to the golf course. The watch is made to be worn by active men and has been designed with them in mind.

The watch may be difficult to attain in the U.S. There are one or two European web sites where it is available.  However, the lack of availability would only add to the mystique and impressiveness of obtaining one of your own.

There are several less expensive models of the Coupé available:

  • Gucci Coupé YA131301 & Gucci Coupé YA131302

    Gucci Coupé YA131301 & Gucci Coupé YA131302

    YA131301, with a stainless steel band and copper face

  • YA131302 with a black leather band and black face
  • YA131303, with a white, blue and red band and white face
  • YA131304, with a stainless steel band and blue face
  • YA131305, with a stainless steel band and black face

The YA131307 is the closest in design to the YA131306, but it has a camel colored leather band and a bright gold face, with several different face details. However, none of its counterparts can match the flair and intricacy of the YA131306. In fact, the stunning black style is perfect for a man who wants to make a statement both at the office and at play. There’s no substitute for greatness, and the Gucci Coupé YA131306 is most definitely a model of greatness.

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