21 Jul 2011

Gucci Coupe Mens Watch YA131303 Review

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Written By: Christine Texeira

The Gucci Coupé YA131303 looks as sleek and powerful as it sounds. Like a coupé, this timepiece is sporty, yet refined. A watch is the classic accessory for men, and a Gucci Coupé reminds you that you have places to be and people to meet with obvious style.

Gucci Coupe Men's Watch YA131303

Vintage meets modern and active.

The Coupé watch is for the active man with vintage taste. This collection reflects the allure and dignified attire of the 1960s. The face is square, but with rounded corners—dignity does not imply rigidity—and is composed of brushed stainless steel. Gucci’s Coupé line includes seven variations: YA131301, YA131302, YA131303, YA131304, YA131305, YA131306, YA131307, all of which display a pleasant meeting of past and present with varying colors and prices.

But the Gucci Coupé YA131303 is in a class all its own. The white leather strap inset with Gucci’s unforgettable signature colors makes this a watch for casual daytime activities, and a bright statement on a night out. And for those active moments, the Coupé is splash-proof and water resistant up to 30 meters. The large numerals three and nine, as well as the repetition of Gucci’s color stripes give the face a noticeable intrigue against the white on white face. Though perhaps more difficult to read due to this lack of contrast, the subtlety of this watch face adds to its understated elegance. For a better contrasting model try YA101302. Also featured on the face of this 40mm timepiece is the date and an isolated circle, counting away the seconds.

With such distinct and fashionable attributes as a traditional buckle clasp and sapphire crystal glass this watch is sure to be reliable and eye-catching for years to come. You might think the signature green-red-green fabric details of this watch have the potential to clash or distract from the clean, crisp white, but this is an irrational fear. We can all agree, Gucci goes with everything, and makes a great gift for anyone with its 2-year warranty and official Gucci presentation packaging.

In Short:

  • Leather strap
  • Splash-proof
  • Water-resistant to 30 meters
  • 40mm face
  • Traditional buckle clasp
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Official Gucci presentation packaging
  • 2-year warranty

The Gucci Coupé YA101303 retails at 995 US dollars and can be purchased online with various international retailers. Swiss-made reliability with Gucci’s name and unforgettable designs make this watch worth the money for any gentleman striving to approach fashion from a relaxed, yet classic angle.

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