20 Jul 2011

Gucci Coupé Large Mens Watch YA131304 Review

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By Camille Hansen

Gucci Coupé Large Mens Watch YA131304

The sleek Gucci Coupé Large Mens Watch YA131304.

Imagine a sporty watch that fits on the golf course as well as in the executive suite. Then take a look at the Gucci Coupé Large Mens Watch YA131304. This timepiece boasts a sturdy sleek frame great for business attire, yet feels right at home in any casual setting. Gucci exceeds excellence with the design of this well-built watch. This stainless steel watch features a wide blue face made of scratch resistant sapphire.  The white font and leather band make a great contrast against the blue backdrop.

Aspects that draw the eye to this fine watch:

  • Sports a white sturdy leather breathable band.
  • An easily readable stainless steel square face.
  • Large dials with large bold white 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock against a blue face.
  • Face contains scratch resistant sapphire.
  • Date at 12 o’clock.

Additional features:

  • Case diameter 40 mm.
  • Perforated calf leather strap with sizable buckle.
  • Battery operated Quartz.
  • Scratch resistant Sapphire crystal.
  • 24 month warranty available.
  • Waterproof down to 100 meters.
  • Battery accessible through screwed on back.
Gucci Coupé Large Mens Watch YA131304

This Gucci Coupé Large Mens Watch sports a different face.

A couple of snags to watch for: The bracelets may not last as long as a metal band. The 40mm face, though easy to read may be cumbersome for certain activities. Scratch resistant sapphire or not, I definitely would be careful where I take this watch. Definitely wouldn’t go mountain biking with it, or wear it during any other rough sport activity. Definitely save this for the office or home.

Another design of the Gucci Coupé features a lighter dial. A little harder to read than the blue and white dial.  This watch also comes with a different band of red, blue and white stripes. The second counter is right at 3 o’clock, instead of 6 o’clock like the one above.  Found the white face YA131304 on a UK site, Eric Cross, for £650 and the blue faced Gucci Coupé, for 750 Euro on the German Amazon site.  On Watches By Design, a USA site, you can get the white bracelet watch for $750.

This is a unique timepiece and the price seems to be reasonable as far as watches go. It looks tough, yet can be elegant at the same time.







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