22 Feb 2012

The Gucci Women’s YA126506 Gucci Timeless Watch Review: Modern Timeless?

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Front of the Gucci Women's YA126506 Gucci Timeless Watch

A cool, clean looking design mark the G-Timeless series

Written By: Joseph Winn


When you consider all the moving parts that watches used to have, it’s nice to see a modern watch recognize the simpler, cleaner workings of today should be shown in the visual styling outside the watch. The Gucci Women’s YA126506 Gucci Timeless Watch is one of those clean looking watches that come with the sparkle and glam one might expect from a Gucci product.

A stainless-steel case holds 42 diamonds lining the bezel of the Gucci G-Timeless watch. As opposed to some designs, the clean, silver and steel look of the YA126506 model keeps the diamond shining without feeling too obnoxious. The diamonds meld into the surrounding parts rather than protrude like they do in some other Gucci designs. The most striking visual element may be the mother-of-pearl dial that looks glossy and is adorned with a date of the month at 4 o’clock position. Normally, these little extra feature functions are kept to the north, south, east and west points in watch design, but by off-setting the date in the G-Timeless, the feature again melds into the overall design.


  • Clean, silver look
  • 42 diamonds at a total weight of .25 carats
  • Quartz movement and sapphire crystal window


  • One tone look may not work for some
  • Some may prefer a different strap

Parts for this Gucci watch meet high standards, with quartz movement and an antireflective sapphire window. This choice of material for the window is another element that helps with the overall look of the G-Timeless. Luminous glow is also a feature on the watch, and with the silver styling of the piece you can imagine how nice the watch looks at night.

Some possible detractions against the watch may also be counted as strengths. It is a decidedly clean look, as mentioned, but some may expect a Gucci watch to be

Strap of Gucci Women's YA126506 Gucci Timeless Watch

The linked strap of this G-Timeless series may turn away some looking for more delicate touches

louder in its design. You can find a lot of other choices in the Gucci line, and you may find that the linked steel of the strap may not fit your tastes. Being as this looks most like a dress watch that can serve everyday functions, a softer strap may fit you better. Only the dial changes in the few variations of the G-Timeless line, but other Gucci lines include leather straps and more delicate tones in their casing and clasps.

Overall, the G-Timeless YA126506 is a classy watch with a very clean, professional look to go with the shine of its diamonds. Compare it others in its price range and decide which look fits you best.


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