23 Feb 2012

The Gucci Men’s YA126404 Gucci Timeless Watch Review: Clean and Sleek

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Written by: Joseph Winn


Do androids dream of analog watches? You probably have never asked yourself this, nor have I. It is, however, the first thought that came to my mind when I looked at

The face of Gucci Men's YA126404 Gucci Timeless Watch

A signature Gucci G marks the face of the Gucci Men's YA126404 Gucci Timeless Watch

the Gucci Men’s YA126404 Gucci Timeless Watch.

Gucci’s line of G-Timeless watches for men and women have a clean, modern look.  Some, such as a few of the women’s models, feature diamonds. This particular G-Timeless piece has the Gucci capital G moniker on its dial, with a bit of sparkle around the dial. As is common in this line, a date of the month window appears at the 4 o’clock position and the crown for adjusting time is nestled into the side of the watch frame. The strap of the watch is a linked stainless-steel and the dial itself a matching silver. Some dial variations allow for a black color option that goes well with the steel, as well as a latticed detail to the dial that adds a nice touch to the overall design.

Time keeping is reliable and accurate through Swiss quartz movement ticking the open shaped hands of the watch around the dial. Gucci has decided to go without numerals in this design and that keeps the watch looking clean and efficient, which brings to mind how nice this watch would look on the metallic arm of an android. Of course, you’re the shopper and do not currently suffer from any robotic parts, so how well does it work for you?


  • Quartz Movement
  • Clean, cool silver design
  • Not that high on the pricing scale for a Gucci branded watch


  • The tight fit of the crown into the casing might problem some
  • Mostly barren of features or touches of detail

The G-Timeless line is not a sporty watch or rich in features. This is a watch for the buyer looking for something classy and usable in dress and in a professional environment. By having such a cool, clean look, it should match most wardrobes. You may find the G shape and sparkle of the dial too much if you really are into a simple, modest design. In that case, there are other dial options and you may find some of the flatter, black dials that Gucci offers to be more acceptable.

A G-Timeess watch with a black dial

Other dial option in the G-Timeless series offer slight variations on the same theme

I recommend browsing the Gucci online store to see style options they offer. If you’re looking for a nice watch, as a gift or for yourself, that falls under the $1,000 range then the G-Timeless series offers a handful of choices for everyday dress and business attire. Simplicity is the common theme in this line, so if you’re looking for more of a wow-factor, then I’d try other lines of watches. Still, the G-Timeless does offer plenty of good looks on its own.


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