24 Nov 2011

Gucci Women’s G-Timeless YA126503 Watch Review

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Written by Andrew Hilbert

An image of the Gucci Women’s G-Timeless YA126503 Watch

The Gucci Women’s G-Timeless YA126503 Watch

Sleek, luxurious and stylish the Gucci Women’s G-Timeless YA126503 watch will complement any woman’s outfit with class and elegance. Simple in its design this watch is not overly extravagant yet it draws attention to itself because of its simplicity and class. It can be worn with any number of outfits in a multitude of environments because of this simplicity and will add multiple degrees of class and fashion to any outfit. It is tasteful and can be worn while doing errands or at an expensive restaurant. It truly is a great piece of jewelry and ideal for daily wear.

The elegantly designed Timeless watch features a circular, textured brown dial with an inner circle that has wide, silver hands for easy readability. It also features a date display at the four o’clock position. It is water resistant up to 30 meters (99 feet). It has a stainless steel bezel for extra durability along with its crystal window made from synthetic sapphire that offers supreme scratch resistance that proves even a watch so delicately designed can withstand lots of roughness. Its bracelet is stainless steel with a deployment clasp. It also features high quality Swiss quartz movement.

With all the great things there is to say about this watch, there are a few minor issues with it. It is not for everybody. Many people prefer numerals to mark time but this watch only has bars for each hour with no minute markers. While this definitely adds to the elegantly simple design, many people like numerals for easy readability. It is also a little difficult to read the time off in low lighting.

Reasonably priced at $750, this watch is a great value. However, a quick Google search can yield significant discounts for the seasoned bargain hunter. For instance, I found one available for around $440. You will just have to do the extra leg work involved in finding the right price. However, at any price this watch is well worth it.


  • Simple, elegant design
  • Works in multiple environments
  • Reasonably priced


  • No numeral markings for the hours
  • Not having minute markers can be a turn-off to some
  • Difficult to read in low lighting

At a US retail price of $750, the Gucci Women’s G-Timeless YA126503 is an elegant piece of jewelry and a great watch that is versatile, strong, and looks stunning. It conveys a sense of supreme taste and would make a great addition to any woman’s collection. I highly recommend this watch.

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