27 Jul 2011

Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501 Review

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Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501

Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Watch YA126501

Written by: Kirsten Richards

If you want a Gucci watch that can be worn on a daily basis, the Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501 is a great investment.  It demonstrates the classic elegance of the Gucci name while allowing more functionality than some of Gucci’s pricier watch designs.

The polished silver stainless steel of the watch bracelet itself provides more sophistication than a traditional leather-banded watch.  The metal band, at a width of 14 mm, puts the watch closer to the realm of jewelry while offering more stability than a bangle.  Its intricate link design again adds to the elegance of this model.

The watch dial is patterned with a tiny diamond grid-like design, which gives the watch a bit of a playful look.  The hour markers are silver batons instead of numbers, but there are twelve of them, and this adds to the readability of the watch.  It also has a second hand and a date display, again providing a level of functionality that is sometimes difficult to find in designer women’s watches.  The Gucci name is positioned directly under the twelve o’clock hour marker in a small yet clear size. There is also a subtle “G” shadow design that follows the border of the bezel.

Other features of the watch

  • Luminous hour and minute hands
  • Stainless steel polished silver case measuring 27 mm in diameter
  • Stainless steel deployment clasp locking mechanism
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Sapphire crystal scratch resistant face-covering
  • Water-resistant to 100 feet
  • 2 year warranty

One drawback of this watch is the position of the date display.  It is at 4 o’clock instead of a more traditional spot like twelve, three, six, or nine o’clock.  If you are someone who likes symmetry and balance, it may bother you because it makes the dial seem a little off kilter.  However, this doesn’t detract from the functionality at all.  The numbers on the date display are actually quite clear and readable.

The Gucci Timeless YA126501 has a suggested retail price of $750, but it is available from several online retailers for substantially less:

  • Broadway Watches: $426.01
  • Timepiece.com: $437
  • Amazon.com: $444

You’ll want to check a variety of sites to find the shipping and return policies that best suit your needs.

The other watches in the Gucci Timeless line include

  • YA126502, black dial
  • YA126503, brown dial
  • YA126504, mother of pearl dial and diamond hour markers
  • YA126505, black mother of pearl dial and diamond hour markers
  • YA126506, mother of pearl dial, diamond hour markers, and diamond encrusted bezel
  • YA125507, black mother of pearl dial, diamond hour markers, and diamond encrusted bezel
  • YA125510, mother of pearl dial, top and bottom arcs of bezel encrusted with diamonds
G-Gucci Women's Mother of Pearl and Stainless Steel Watch YA055501

G-Gucci YA055501

These models run from around $415 for the black and brown dials to around $1500 for the diamond bezels.  If you are looking for something more dramatic or sparkly, one of these models might be right for you.

Gucci designs a couple of other watches that are similar:

  • G-Class YA055501, which has diamond dial markers and the date display at 3 o’clock
  • Gucci Pantheon YA115501 with both hour and minute markers, an increase in functionality

Both of these watches are well-designed, but neither is as attractive and intricate as the Timeless YA126501.

If you are looking for a watch that is functional enough to wear on a daily but is gorgeous enough to wear out in the evenings, this watch is for you.  It will complement a variety of ensembles and remind you why you should invest in a name like Gucci.

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