22 Dec 2011

Gucci G-Timeless YA126210 Men’s Watch

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An image of Gucci G-Timeless YA126210 Men's Watch

Gucci G-Timeless YA126210 Men's Watch

Written by: Jatinder Sandhu

What sets the Gucci G-Timeless YA126210 Men’s Watch apart from other luxury watches in its class is the intricate details located on the band and on the circumference of the watches’ face.  The meticulously linked metal on the band and the accents on the edge of the face give this Gucci watch a refined embroidered feel, a look that is timeless.

Sophistication, efficiency, and power are three things the Gucci YA126210 watch provides.  If key accessories in a wardrobe are representative of the wearer, then this G-Timeless watch compels the viewer to take a closer look.  The subtle features that create the aesthetic of this brushed-silver watch grow more interesting the longer one looks at them.  The image is refined, poised, with an enormous amount of integrity once one looks beyond the surface.

Pros:In light of the status symbol that is associated with a Gucci watch, it is difficult not to justify the hefty price tag of $1,295.

  • The sapphire scratch-resistant crystal on the top of the watch gives this G-Timeless timepiece a high-mirror shine and dependability.
  • The Swiss manufactured quartz is meant to last–nothing is as timeless as its high quality manufacturing.
  • The silver hands on the black face makes the Gucci G-Timeless YA126210 Men’s Watch easy to read, and very flattering against any wardrobe.

Cons: The lack of numbers on the face may be setback.

  • While the lack of numbers on the dial removes clutter from the interface of the watch and draws attention to the fine detail, this may not be acceptable for those who depend on numbers for easy readability.
  • The black on brushed silver may be too dramatic for some tastes, but the Gucci Men’s YA126213 G-Timeless Chronograph Brown Dial Steel Bracelet Watch is an equally stunning watch with a bronze face and more posh look.

The Final Word: The color scheme and mechanics of the Gucci G-Timeless YA126210 Men’s Watch are ubiquitous with wardrobes containing a refined sense of class and precision.  The architectural value of this Gucci watch is what makes it so timeless and unique.  Something built to last as long as the G-Timeless YA126210 is certainly worth its price.  If the reason to buy a designer watch is to mix style with luxury, then the YA126210 achieves that feat with flying colors.  The G-Timeless collection of watches blend traditional stylized men’s watched with progressive Swiss manufacturing, a product that the modern businessman can wear proudly.

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  1. You state “Swiss manufactured quartz ” in your review, yet it clearly states “AUTOMATIC” on the dial under the GUCCI name.

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