25 Nov 2011

Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA126502

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Written By Katherine Conaway


Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA126502

Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA126502

Want a watch that is a classic style made by a major fashion house and yet is more affordable than the top of the line designer products? The Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA126502 could be the timepiece that meets your needs.


The Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA126502 is designed following the classic steel watch tradition. It has a stainless steel bracelet and bezel that frame a black dial. The watch face is very simple, with the black patterneddial, silver markings for the hours, the Gucci name above the hands pivot, and hour, minute, and seconds hands. Next to the 4 o’clock position is a date window with the date in white set against black. Due to its limited functions, the watch is definitely designed to serve only as a timepiece, not a sports watch, and walks the line between being just a watch and a piece of jewelry.



  • Stainless steel
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Classic design and clear numbering and luminous hands
  • Date function
  • Scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire crystal
  • Less expensive than other designer watches at $750



  • Water resistant only to 33 m/100 ft
  • Limited functionality
  • Simple design
G-Timeless small version 244596 I1610 1763

G-Timeless small version 244596 I1610 1763

The Gucci G-Timeless collection stands out against the other Gucci watch lines as being the most traditional style. The rest range from more like jewelry with less functionality to being very sporty and casual. The G-Timeless watches all feature the stainless steel bracelet with a solid dial and hour markers, whereas many of the other Gucci watches have limited functionality by virtue of not having hour markers or a date display, with the exception of the digital sport watches. There are similar G-Timeless watches that are slightly more expensive because they have diamonds for the markers, sapphire crystal faces, and slightly more water resistance. An example is the G-Timeless small version Gucci site model 244596 I1610 1763 for $995 on their site.


The Gucci G-Timeless Watch YA126502 is one of Gucci’s more functional, classic watches with its simple design rooted in classic watch materials and markings. From a distance, it doesn’t stand out as a unique watch or piece of jewelry, but it does feature the Gucci name, and if you are interested in a designer watch for a more affordable price, this timepiece satisfies those needs.

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