05 Jan 2012

Gucci G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch (YA126213)

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Written by: Katherine Chen

Let’s face it—cell phones aren’t watches, so why are we always checking the time on them? Instead of rummaging around in your bag or pockets to pull out a bulky phone, check your Gucci G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch (YA126213)instead; this watch is not only functional, but stylish and sophisticated for the professional man on the go.

The Gucci G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch (YA126213) is a stylish addition to any wardrobe.

The House of Gucci is known for its high-fashion creations, and the Gucci G-Timeless YA 126213 is no exception. This watch is not only a sturdy timepiece, but a fashion statement as well. The Gucci name is displayed on the watch face, whose large 1.89 inch diameter makes for easy readability. The light brown dial contrasts beautifully with the stainless steel bracelet and deployment clasp, silver hour and minute hands, silver subdials, and silver hour indexes. You can also resize the 8” stainless steel bracelet to fit your wrist, which is easier than replacing leather or synthetic bands. The additional seconds hand allows for even more precise timekeeping, as does the three day date display and the tachymeter on the stainless steel bezel. This G-Timeless watch is also built to last—the watch face is made from antireflective sapphire crystal, for protection from the rigors of everyday use, and the watch itself is water-resistant to 165 feet (50 meters).

The Gucci name symbolizes luxury, and this watch has many additional features that set it apart from other fine watches. For one, the G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch has Swiss automatic movement, which means that it winds as you move your wrist, so there is no need to worry about replacing batteries. The House of Gucci is known for dressing celebrities from Salma Hayek to Robert Pattinson and includes spokesmodels like Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood. The G-Timeless line of watches reflects this pedigree by employing the most prestigious Swiss craftsmanship; the G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch is made in Switzerland at the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, which is known for its illustrious watch-making history.

For some, the G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch may not match the requirements of their lifestyle. The bottom line is that this watch is not for the adventurous or sporty types who tend to subject their watches to a lot of wear and tear. For one, though this watch is water resistant, it is not suitable for prolonged exposure to water, like through swimming or diving. It also does not have features like a stopwatch or a synthetic fiber band for all-weather wear. If you own many watches and are not planning on wearing this particular piece every day, you would also have to invest in a watch winder, or else spend time resetting the time when you pick it up again. So if you are buying this watch only to wear on certain occasion, you may want to spend your money on an equally elegant quartz movement timepiece instead. This Swiss automatic movement is also not as accurate as quartz movement—so unless you don’t mind losing a few minutes of accuracy each month and then taking a moment to reset your watch, you should probably also go with a quartz movement watch. And finally, the MSRP of $1,850 is fairly steep and might put it out of the price range of the average consumer (though you should certainly shop around, since discounts of hundreds of dollars can be found at certain online retailers).

If this watch isn’t the perfect fit for you, you can always browse variations of the G-Timeless collection; there is a wide range of sizes, colors, and movements that is sure to fit your needs. The Gucci G-Timeless Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Automatic Watch (YA126213) is an elegant yet modern accessory for the discerning man, and will certainly enhance the wardrobe of anyone lucky enough to purchase it.

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