24 Aug 2011

Manly, Indeed! Gucci Men’s YA126211 Timeless Watch Review

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Gucci Timeless YA126211 Watch

The Captivating Gucci Timeless Watch, Model YA126211

Written by: Caitlin Rojas

Now, I’m used to seeing Gucci break out all the stops for their watches. Stylistically, The House of Gucci, better known as just Gucci, is a trendsetter. Everything they make is gorgeous. Their jewelry is displayed on the gorgeous necklines of gorgeous models, their gorgeous handbags clutched by gorgeous, well kept hands. Their stylish clothes and accessories are adorned by the most loved celebrities wearing the most stylish outfits. This watch, however, isn’t just stylish. Its amazing. The Gucci Men’s YA126211 Timeless Watch is something James Bond would wear. It has an endless supply of impressive features, yet thanks to the flexible band, sits on a man’s wrist like its weightless. It is timelessly elegant and sophisticated while being simultaneously chock full of gadgetry.

Showing off a thick, stainless steel band, 23 millimeters in width, this watch is formidable and strong; the sapphire-crystal face able to resist even the toughest scratches. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters (roughly 165 feet,) assuring a long lasting, durable timepiece. Now, for the cool stuff. The stainless steel bezel rotates in two directions, and lists 23 global cities (including Hong Kong, Paris, New York City and London,) allowing you to change the name of the city you’re currently in, and the time appropriately so. This feature is incredibly useful if you travel frequently and need to change the time on your watch. As a frequent traveler, I can confess that this is an impressive feature that will help save your sanity and cure that jet lag. Additionally, the face hosts a Greenwich Mean Time Display (more commonly shown as GMT,) which will also help  frequent travelers, as it allows you to keep track of your home time on one face while allowing you to track “local” time on another part of the face, wherever you may be. The hands and time indicators are also luminescent, making for easy night-time reading, and at the 3 marker, there is a wide, clear date display. Pilots, Flight Attendants, Traveling Businessmen! This watch is for you.


The Details?

  • Analog Display

    YA126211 Gucci Timeless Mens Watch

    The easy-to-use Deployment Clasp

  • Anti-Reflective Crystal-Sapphire Display
  • Case Diameter: 46 Millimeters
  • Case Thickness: 11 Millimeters
  • Swiss-Automatic Movement
  • GMT Display
  • Stainless Steel Display, Band
  • Standard Deployment Clasp for Easy on/off
  • Calendar Displays Date

Now, this watch may not be for everyone. With a weight of 1.4 lbs, and a fairly heavy-duty band and face, it may feel clunky to some. It is, however, perfect for people who travel and appreciate a handsome-looking timepiece. Because after all, even if you don’t travel all over the world, wouldn’t be neat if everyone thought you did?

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