26 Aug 2011

Ladies G-Frame Gucci Watch YA128507 Review

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By: Caitlin Rojas
Gucci  YA128507

Gucci GFrame YA128507

Gucci is known for their elegance and style, and this watch, the G-Frame YA128507, fulfills that legacy.  Simple and delicate, the ladies watch has a sleek, black face that includes three diamonds in the 3, 6 and 9 positions. While the watch satisfies its practical purpose using an analog screen and hour/minute hands, its feminine accents make it a marvelous accessory to any wardrobe, dressy enough to wear out and simple enough to wear all the time. Not to mention, its sapphire-crystal face is scratch resistant and hard to break Рmaking this beauty a practicality as well.

Where high-end watches such as this one can end up being show-offy, the G-Frame outshines the more outlandish designs with a functional wearability that’s bound to add a touch of class to any wardrobe. The classic design is perfect for Moms on the go or the hard working woman looking to spruce up just about anything, and the simplistic, squared-off shape is practical, yet feminine, and will lay gorgeously on any woman’s wrist.

Designed by Gucci Creative Designer Frida Giannini, the G-Frame seriesaccents the classic style of Gucci with the timeless beauty of a slender, chic timepiece. And this particular model, in black, is a sleek, current style that anyone can pull off. The only text you’ll see is the iconic, all-caps GUCCI across the top of the face. The graphically modern lettering is subdued, yet stylish, allowing you to wear brand-name fashion without bragging to everyone around you.

Now, for the boring, but helpful, details of the YA128507 model:

  • Includes Gucci’s memorable deployment-clasp
  • Black Dial with 3 diamonds
  • Water Resistant up to 99 feet (30 meters)
  • Stainless Steel band and case
  • Band Width of 8.5 millimeters
  • Case Thickness 7 millimeters

Possible downsides? The watch is small, as are the hands. It also lacks numbers of any kind, and the only indicators of time are the diamonds that mark the 3,6 and 9th hours. Without practice, reading the watch could be difficult. Additionally, the very delicate nature of the watch that boasts its beauty can be fragile. And while the crystal-sapphire face is scratch-resistant, it is small and detailed, and could potentially break easily.

All that being said, the Gucci G-Frame YA128507 is priced at approximately $750 (US dollars,) which is remarkably reasonable for such a high-end, quality watch. Its available through Amazon.com here, as well as several other US vendors including ABT electronics.






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