03 Nov 2011

Gucci Women’s YA125406 Wrist Watch

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Image of Gucci Women's Wrist Watch

The cool colors of the Gucci's face-plate and its bright steel frame will bring balance to any wardrobe choice.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

The world of high-fashion can be difficult to keep up with- especially on a working woman’s budget. With a little monetary investment, however, the Gucci Women’s YA125406 Wrist Watch can become an elegant and sophisticated accessory that will easily elevate even a bargain-rack-boudoir for years to come.

The new Gucci women’s watch is a design made to evoke the utmost sense of balance. The iconic Gucci “G” is not only incorporated into the border of the timepiece, but the open square links of the wristband are formed with a similar rounded shape. The links taper into smaller rectangles which create a sense of asymmetrical focus on the elegant, simple black clock. As with all Gucci products, there is a subtle flare of decadence – the markers for 6, 9, and 12 o’clock are three cut diamonds. The clear sapphire crystal that covers the face is a patented, non-reflective surface that ensure there will be no glare when you need to see most. With the entire frame made of stainless steel, the watch will not tarnish or rust from lack of use.

Gucci is an iconic brand, especially by way of accessories and their new line is just as crisp and aesthetic as ever. If the handsome silver wrist band does not convince you, the watch also comes in an all-black model. The jewelry clasp will prevent skin from pinching beneath the articulate chain links. The perks of the watch are not purely its appearance; it has a scratch-resistant surface and from the materials it is made from, it might as well come with its own warranty. This piece is made to last, and by last, I mean that it can quite easily become an heirloom for your grandchildren.

The most prominent drawbacks of the watch would be the nature of the large-link design, which, while fashionable and bright, also provide a large surface-area to get smudges and fingerprints smeared across. Stainless steel requires a good deal of polishing down between wears if you want it to keep from looking grungy. The same could be said for the style of clasps that run beneath each link; they work well for comfort, but have a tendency to collect dead skin which is difficult to clean in anything short of a mineral water bath. The price, of course, is the crowning drawback. The $895.00 price-tag, while worth every penny, is sometimes a stretch that many women are unwilling to make, even in the name of fashion.

In the end, whether the Gucci Women’s YA125406 Wrist Watch is for you is a choice to make with your pocketbook in mind, but a passion for fashion in your heart. Those who decide to become owners of this splendid piece are sure to find satisfaction in its quality for years to come.

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