12 Jan 2012

Gucci Women’s Small Diamond Brown Dial Steel Watch YA125503

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Written by: Aidan Noda

G-Gucci Small Diamond Brown Dial Steel Watch

Notice the diamonds and beautiful brown color

The Gucci Women’s Small Diamond Brown Dial Steel Watch YA125503 is an amazing product. You will love all the attention it will bring to you at parties and around the neighborhood. Give it to your spouse and you will see her light up like never before. Everybody deserves to treat themselves once in a while and when you do it should be with a product that is worth your money. With the Gucci brand name you can guarantee that people will recognize the style and grace you present to others with this elegant watch design.

This watch features silver clasps that form a bangle design around the watch. The inside dial of the watch is an elegant sun-brushed brown, which is a nice contrast from the silver bangle bracelet that will perfectly contour to your wrist. Don’t worry though the brown is very subtle, but once the people around you start noticing it, you can be sure they will be impressed.  Well, that along with the hour diamond markers embedded on some key points on the dial. Yes, that’s right there are small diamonds on the 12′ o’clock, 6′ o’clock, and 9′ o’clock portions of the watch face. When people ask you for the time, you can merely show them your watch face and have them become lost in the shine of your watch instead.

Back view of the YA125503

This may be the first and last time you will see the underside of this timepiece.

This timepiece also features scratch resistant sapphire crystal, which is useful as accidents can occur during daily life and I know that a lot of ladies would appreciate knowing that there is that extra security. Additionally, this watch features an impressive amount of water resistance up to 99 feet or 30 meters for you Europeans out there. This is helpful as you won’t even have to take this watch off when you shower or bathe. Never again will you have to take this watch off and why would you want to when it looks this beautiful?

In case you were wondering about why the watch does not have a diamond at the 3′ o’clock marker; it is because it would ruin the beautifully crafted G design that is at the front of the watch. This timepiece is a part of the G Gucci series of watches and it would, of course, be incomplete without the classic G logo somewhere prominent on it. The G Gucci series of watches is a sign of class and style and no lady should be without one. The Gucci Women’s Small Diamond Brown Dial Steel Watch YA125503 would make an excellent addition to an avid fashion forward individual’s or any woman’s collection.

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