23 Nov 2011

Gucci Women’s G-Gucci YA125507 Watch Review

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Written by Andrew Hilbert

An image of the Gucci Women's G-Gucci YA 125507

The G-Gucci YA125507

Stylish, sleek, and simple the Gucci Women’s G-Gucci YA125507 watch complements any woman’s outfit elegantly and with class. This watch has a simple design; it is not overly extravagant yet it draws attention to itself because of its elegant simplicity. Not only is it a great watch to wear to formal and professional occasions, it serves the wearer well in everyday occasions too. It is not so flashy that it cannot be worn out to the grocery store but it is not so plain that it will not complement a cocktail dress either. This watch is a chameleon and works well in a wide range of environments because of its tastefully simple design.

The bracelet is polished stainless steel with a tasteful metallic tan, almost a topaz color, dial that shimmers gracefully on the wrist. The hands of the watch are silver and instead of numbers there are stick hour markers. There are no minute markers in between the hours further adding to the simplicity of the watch itself and the “less is more” design.

This watch features scratch resistant crystal and is also water resistant up to 30 meters (99 feet). It definitely was not made for swimming or sport but it does carry a degree of water resistance just in case anything unforeseen happens which is nice to know. It also utilizes quartz movement which is standard in most watches that are not purchased for their collectible value, antiquity or classic watchmaking workmanship.

With all the great things there is to say about this watch, there are a few minor issues with the G-Gucci YA125507. First, the bracelet comes large so you may need to plan a trip to a jeweler to remove a link or two to get the right fit for your wrist. This can cost you a few dollars depending on your local markets and if you know anybody; you will just have to find the best price with a little investigation. Secondly, while not having numerals for hour markers is a perfectly fine design I know a few people who would be a little irritated at not having minute markers. This could be a turn off for a few buyers so just know of that before making a purchase.


  • Simple, elegant design
  • Works in multiple environments
  • Luxury without overdoing it


  • The bracelet is non-adjustable
  • Not having minute markers can be a turn-off to some

At a US retail price of $695, the G-Gucci YA125507 is an elegant piece of jewelry and a great watch that is versatile in the environments it can be worn in and looks great. It conveys a sense of luxury that is not overdone and would make a fine addition to any woman’s jewelry box.

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