24 Jul 2011

Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Small Watch YA125508 Review

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G-Gucci Women's Mother of Pearl Small Stainless Steel Watch YA125508

G-Gucci Mother of Pearl Small Watch YA125508

Written by: Kirsten Richards

The Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Small Watch YA 125508 can serve two purposes: a timepiece and an exquisite adornment for any woman’s wrist.  Its stainless steel polished silver bracelet offers the elegance and delicacy that Gucci is famous for providing in women’s watches.

The G-Gucci collection is almost fifty years old and has been a force in the design industry ever since it arrived on the scene in the late 1960s.  This watch is proof of Gucci’s sustainability of design.  It is chic and modern, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing.  The mother of pearl dial face provides a unique look, different from traditional white or solid-colored dial faces.  It also adds to the jewelry-like quality of this particular G-Gucci style.

The face of the watch is surrounded by a very subtle “G” bezel, a Gucci trademark, adding to its unique character.  The interlocking polished stainless steel rings that create the bracelet mimic the G bezel design to complete the theme of this gorgeous watch.

Other key features of the watch

  • Stainless steel polished silver case measuring 22.5 x 24 mm
  • Stainless steel jewelry clasp locking mechanism
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Sapphire crystal scratch resistant face-covering
  • Water-resistant to 100 feet
  • 2 year warranty

One possible problem with this watch, as with many very elegant watches, is that the watch face may be difficult to read at a glance.  The silver hour and minute hands and silver baton markings at the twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock hour marks do not contrast well with the mother of pearl dial. The watch case is also a bit small.  However, it is not completely unreadable, and for such stunning elegance, it is easy to justify spending a few extra seconds to determine the time.

Another issue with this watch is that the model number is not always consistent with the style.  Two websites list the YA125508 as a watch with a dark blue dial.  The vast majority list it as a watch with a mother of pearl dial.  One website actually shows pictures of both of the variations under one model number.  So, you’ll want to be sure you thoroughly investigate what you are getting before you order it.

G-Gucci Black Sun Brushed Dial and Black Stainless Steel Watch YA125504

G-Gucci Black Dial/Black Stainless Steel YA125504

In addition to the blue dial version of this watch, which is available at Sears.com and Wegotitonline.com as G-Gucci YA125405, there are color variations available:

  • G-Gucci YA125507, brown sun-brushed dial, polished silver stainless steel bracelet
  • G-Gucci YA125504, black sun-brushed dial, black stainless steel bracelet

Both have easier to read dial faces but are not as elegant as the mother of pearl and silver combination.

The small version of the watch runs from $461.99 at firdose.com to $479 at Newegg.com, Bluedial.com, and Wegotitonline.com.  This is significantly less expensive than the manufacturer’s suggested price of $695.

There is also a mid-size version of the watch, with a 30-32mm case, which comes in four styles:

  • G-Gucci YA125401, brown sun-brushed dial, polished silver stainless steel bracelet, diamond hour markers
  • G-Gucci YA125403, black sun-brushed dial, black stainless steel bracelet
  • G-Gucci YA125404, mother of pearl dial, polished silver stainless steel bracelet
  • G-Gucci YA125506, mother of pearl dial with diamond-encrusted “G” bezel surrounding the case, polished silver stainless steel bracelet
G-Gucci Diamond Bezel Mid-Size YA125506

G-Gucci Diamond Bezel Mid-Size YA125506

These mid-size watches cost about $560 at various online retailers.  The diamond bezel case style is significantly more expensive and runs anywhere from $1,545 at Watchesbydesign.com to its retail price of $2,495.  It is decidedly stunning, however.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the watches in the G-Gucci line.  If you want a more substantial accessory, go for the mid-sized watch.  If you want something a little more delicate, choose the small version.  The most dazzling of the small versions is the Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Watch YA 125508, an exquisite ornament for the wrist of a sophisticated woman.

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