04 Aug 2011

For simpler tastes, the G-Gucci Women’s Blue Dial Wristwatch YA125405

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Written By: Ben Miller

If you describe yourself as bold, determined, fashionable and glamorous then you are in need of a watch that conveys the same sentiment. The G-Gucci line of women’s watches does exactly that, conveying distinct chic and elegant fashion from the wrist of the wearer, to the rest of the world.

The G-Gucci Women's Watch-Blue Dial

The G-Gucci series offers simplicity and design in one.

The G-Gucci line of bracelet watches evokes a sense of pizazz with its stainless steel bezel, smoothed and curved into the iconic “G” of Gucci brand accessories. The Gucci YA125405 wristwatch features a minimalist design with a cool cobalt dial that vaunts the silver toned hands and hour bars, making them visually distinctive and easily viewed with the slightest of glances.

This watch is powered by the reliability of Swiss quartz movement and is kept readily visible by scratch resistant sapphire crystal plating and a coating of anti-reflective solution on the inner plate. When you’re out on the town and you need to look your best, the YA125405 G-Gucci wristwatch makes for the perfect accessory to accentuate your own simple, yet elegant tastes.

Gucci products have always adhered to a level of elegance and sophistication that is constant throughout their products. Their timeless sense of style is once again illustrated in the shining chain bracelet, jewelry clasp and the bold timepiece itself. If that weren’t enough, this product is also available in numerous variations, some with a sheer black and edgy look, and others with a glamorous sun-brushed brown dial. Each product from the G-Gucci line is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and is ensured to provide accurate time keeping even when exposed to water and weather.

Side view, G-Gucci YA125405

The silver markings and hands of the G-Gucci YA125405 makes for clear visual timekeeping.

Compared to other Gucci products, the G-Gucci series truly is basic in design. Gucci products, and watches in particular, are notorious for over advertising the label, sometimes to the effect of making it seem gaudy when the name and insignia are plastered all over the product. This model however has a very simplified taste to it as the logo and name appear very sparingly and is designed to remain visually appealing.

This one watch is fairly inexpensive, available from the Gucci online store for about $690, but it is also available from numerous timepiece retailers at around $450-580. This elegant feminine accessory gallivants its charm and accentuates the wearer’s style for an agreeable price that is hard to beat. If the luxurious simplicity of this watch entices you there would be no shame in admitting so. It takes a special person to appreciate finer forms of art.

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