11 Jan 2012

101G-Gucci YA1010\340 Mens Watch

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Gucci Mens Stainless Steel Watch

The elegant look of the future you

At the first glance the 101G-Gucci YA101340 Mens Watch makes a bold statement. This watch shows that the wearer is confident and attention seeking. However, this timepiece is not glaring it has a subtle boldness to it. The dark black of the watch gives it a classy stylish look and the diamonds that surround it make it stand out more in a “you will be at the center of everyone’s attention.” Everyone around you will be envious of all the style and class that you will show by proudly wearing the 101G-Guci YA101340.

This watch has many features that prove once again why Gucci is an innovator in the fashion industry. The secret to the beauty of this timepiece is the simplistic design. It is very minimalistic in its execution and that shows in the choices that Gucci made while producing it. The watch hands are an extremely classy silver tone and there are numerous silver hour markers spread evenly across the watch face. The black dial is a very elegant black that perfectly complements the black watch band.

The dial face has a hand for hours, minutes, and seconds. The watch has a classy design with huge knobs that are sure to draw the attention of your peers. The knobs are also a nice touch, because a man has big fingers that may struggle with smaller knobs on other watches. This watch was made for real men that don’t want to struggle for hours trying to fix the time on their watch, because men don’t have the time to waste doing such things. There are three knobs featured on this watch, which are assigned to various features on the watch.

The watch also features a built in indicator for the date, which can be helpful as it is easy to forget what the date is at times. Now you will never have that problem again. You will always be the center of attention and this watch will make you more reliable as you will never miss the time to impress a date again! The Gucci line of watches show class and functionality at its finest. The diamond studded G on the face of the watch will attract all of the right attention. This watch will help you organize your personal, work, and love life. You will never be late for another appointment again and if you are this watch will do all the explaining for you  by showing others that you are a busy man with a load of style.

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