14 Aug 2011

Gucci G Class Golden Steel Men’s Watch- YA055214

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Gucci watches are known for being made with expert craftsmanship, and to have a modern, sleek look. As such, the Gucci G Class YA055214 promises a fun, fantastic look, and a high quality product.

This watch’s case and strap are made with gold and silver colored steel. The case has golden steel on the inside, and silver colored on the outside. Similarly the strap has interchanging silver and gold color. The dial is white, and minimal. There are no hour numerals, only hour markers, and minute markers. The hour markers have a golden color matching the rest of the watches theme. Practically speaking the minimal dial isn’t ideal. It is more difficult to see what time it is, but only slightly so. The advantage of the minimal dial in this case is that the watch does not look overly done. Rather, it looks fantastic, and simply elegant.

Customers shouldn’t be fooled by the gold color. While it does have rich silver and gold colors this watch is all steel. Meaning that the $600-$900 price is not quite as good of a deal as you might first think. Don’t get me wrong though: $700 or $800 dollars for this watch is a great price. You really get what you pay for with this watch. There are no exceptional features on it, except you get sapphire crystal glass, and it has up to 30 meters of water resistance. This means that you can shower, or otherwise expose this watch to water, without completely submerging it, with confidence, and it will stand up to everyday wear.

The gold color is flashier than just silver steel, and for that reason you may want to consider an alternative. There is something to be said for an elegant, understated watch, but this isn’t one. The gold color is sure to turn heads. On the other hand, however, this one gives the look of a watch of much higher value. You can wear it with confidence knowing that it will look very impressive.

The bottom line is that this is a great watch at a great price. While it deviates from traditional style, it is still great, and it will undoubtedly look fantastic while dressed in formal wear;  you will have a watch that turns heads.  On top of that, it comes with all the quality and elegance that comes with the Gucci name, and it proudly displays that name on the dial.


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