28 Dec 2011

The Gucci YA101324 G Chrono Men’s Watch: Shall we Bond?

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Written By: Joseph Winn

Looking to feel a bit more like James Bond with your wrist attire? There’s something about a nice watch that makes a guy feel a bit more like a super spy, even if it doesn’t come with a handy laser. The Gucci YA101324 G Chrono watch gives off that suave spy look that may fit your Bond daydreams.

This G Chrono model is a stainless steel case in a round shape watch, with 54 diamonds making a G shape around the edge of the face of the watch. The watch features a black band and dial color, giving it an overall look of steel and sparkle. A date of the month reads at the 8 o’clock position. The watch’s analog hands are luminous for readability at night and controlled by Swiss Quartz movement.

Being a Gucci watch, the YA101324 G Chrono serves as a luxury style of watch. It may look sophisticated enough for Bond, but it’s not a track running watch to see if you measure up to a secret agent’s speed. This is a watch meant to be seen in at a standstill. These are sapphire crystals on the face of the watch, not crystals for any laser capabilities. It is a watch that features quartz movement, making for a more precise keeping of time. Though not a watch for sportive activities, it is water resistant to a depth of 100 feet. A sapphire crystal glass covering increases the price of the watch, but makes it more scratch resistant.


  • Stainless Steel frame and band looks sophisticated
  • 54 diamonds outline a G shape on the watch
  • Swiss Quartz Chronograph Movement
  • 2 year warranty
  • An overall iconic luxurious look


  • Being luxurious, this is a high price range watch.
  • Not a multi-function, sporty watch
  • The diamonds in a G shape may not be for all

    Silhouette of James Bond seen from the barrel of a gun.

    The diamonds on this Gucci may be a bit too much for Bond

So is the Gucci YA101324 Chrono G your personal Bond watch? Well there is still some questions to ask, namely what is your price range and your intended use of the watch? Watches of this kind and at this point in history, are not just devices intended to tell time. After all, that is what many use their cellphones for. A luxurious watch is meant to be part of one’s attire. A watch like this is meant to make a statement.

The best way to know is to go out and try on the watch for a better idea of how it feels on you. See how it looks on you and how it works with the clothes you intend to wear it with. Remember that this is a steel band, so the fit of the watch is more important than with an easily adjustable leather band. If the watch fits and fits your budget as well, then the Gucci YA101324 may be the right spy look for you.



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  1. Terrible.. i have had mine for less than a month now and already having problems. Have to re-set the time on a daily basis. Don’t work half the time a real waste of my money. Poor effort Gucci

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