02 Aug 2011

Sparkle and Shine: Gucci Women’s Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch YA122513 Review

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Written By: Melissa Harrel

Front View of Gucci Women’s Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch YA122513

Gucci Women's Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch

Picture the way a river rolls over rocks.  Feel the cool breeze.  Take a deep breath.  Exhale.  You’re close to the sensation you’ll get with the Gucci Women’s Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch YA122513.  Sixteen diamonds sparkle against a polished steel stream that glides around them.

If you want to merge clean elegance with creative form, consider this timepiece for your own collection.

This watch’s bangle basks in a silvery shine.  The centrally-brushed steel dial offsets the polished hour markers that, together with rows of minute markers, resemble rays of sun. The watch’s lug flows into a rounded horse bit accent on each side of the watch face, and 16 round-cut diamonds glisten in trapezoidal divisions between 4 and 5 o’clock (don’t worry; they do shine for longer than one hour).

If you like elegance, but with an edge, note the effect of the band’s rounded loops alongside the angled markers.  The interplay of these shapes blend chic with mildly futuristic.  This timepiece will bring out the dressier elements of your wardrobe, but might be a little too showy to pass as an everyday watch.  Those looking for a more versatile watch might look to Gucci’s U-play interchangeable collection, or to the classic design of the g-timeless collection.  Still, if you’re prepared to spend $1,495, this watch delivers style and sparkle in a no-nonsense design.


  • Swiss Made, Ronda quartz movement
  • Silver dial with stamped helical pattern around sun-brushed steel center
  • Scratch-resistant, anti-reflection Sapphire crystal
  • 35 mm case
  • Water-resistant to 3 atm (100 feet/30 meters)
  • 2-year warranty


  • Unique, elegant design
  • Doubles as a piece of jewelry
  • Swiss made, reputable craftsmanship
  • Compliments professional and semi-formal attire with ease


  • Not versatile across wardrobe
  • Jeweled accents and polished finish increase price but not everyday wear-ability

The View from the Top
For an upscale watch at an elevated, but not overly inflated price the Gucci Women’s Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch YA122513 ($1,495) has strong appeal.  With this model, the price holds firm across most online and in-store retailers.  If you have the time (before you buy a watch), look for a sale.  If you love this watch’s design but want to lighten the financial load, check out the Chiodo collection’s variations.  An identical look sans diamonds sends costs down to $850 retail, or as low as $650 online.  Want more sparkle?  You can add diamonds accents, but you’ll step into the $2,000-$2,500 range.

While you probably won’t wear diamonds encased in steel on a daily basis, you’ll certainly enjoy the days you do wear the Gucci Women’s Chiodo Watch YA122513.  I’d even venture a few more people will stop to ask you the time . . . and to enjoy the view.

Additional Details
Retail Price: $1,495
Collection: Chiodo
Carats: 0.21
Case: polished steel
Case Back: affixed with screws
Bracelet: steel (polished)
Closing System: jewelry clasp
Variations: full collection includes seven timepieces all with polished steel band, but with array of silver and brown dials, ranging from 0 to .28 carats

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