24 Jul 2011

Gucci Chiodo YA122512: Tradition and Modern Luxury

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Written By: Christine Texeira

The Gucci Chiodo YA122512 Front View

Intricate Details

Sometimes you want to wear subtle elegance, and other times you want to sparkle and make a statement beyond just elegance—you want to be bold. Gucci crafts watches for both moods, and if you are in the mood of something breathtaking and eye catching then Gucci’s Chiodo YA122512 is just the accessory you need.

This Chiodo model is so detailed and complex in its creation, I will start in the center and move, slowly, outward to truly describe its numerous attributes. Silver-toned hour and minute hands rest in the center of a shimmering brown face. Surrounding the hands are a silver dial to display minutes and eleven silver-toned batons to mark the hours. Upper center is the Gucci logo, marking the twelve o’clock hour. The round, stainless steel casing surrounds the face with diamond accents around the bezel.

The Gucci Chiodo YA122512 on wrist

Watch vs. Wrist

Connecting the intricate face to its bangle-style band are Gucci’s timeless horsebits in stainless silver. The Chiodo collection is inspired by square head nails, an iconic Gucci image since the mid 1900s and one that, here, works effortlessly with the traditional horsebit. Hinging the face to the clasp are two consistently stainless steel bands, grasping the horsebits with a diamond encrusted steel head nail. In YA122512 the nails appear to resemble gems, reiterating Gucci’s sense of craftsmanship to form graceful luxury. Gucci diamonds are round brilliant with fifty-seven facets, F to G color, and VVS clarity. Each and every diamond in this watch is handled in accordance with the provision of the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. Finally, a secure jewelery clasp holds it all together and secure on your wrist.

Gucci watch basics are also a part of this opulent watch, featuring sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratching, Swiss-made quartz movement to keep your watch always on time, and water resistance to 30 meters, or 99 feet.

For some, this Gucci extravagance might be a little too large for a delicate wrist, or too flashy for everyday use. Other variations in the Chiodo line feature less diamond accenting and more safe palette options, like silver on silver or silver on black. The Gucci Chiodo YA122512, however, is a gorgeous piece of high-end jewelery that also displays time easily with its defined minute and hour markers, as well as its high-contrast face. This timepiece combines tradition and modern grandeur into an accessory that is far more than just a watch.


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