07 Aug 2011

Gucci Chiodo YA122509 Review

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Looking for a sleek, elegant watch? The Gucci Chiodo YA122509 women’s watch is a uniquely stylish piece. Made from stainless steel, this timepiece is silver with a circular case, a textured dial, black hands and silver hour markers. The watch is attached to its bracelet by two semi-circles, giving the watch a modern look. Made with a scratch resistant synthetic-sapphire crystal dial window, it can withstand the light bumps and scrapes of life. It has a simple jewelry-clasp hook and makes a sophisticated statement.

The Gucci Chiodo YA122509

The highly fashionable Gucci Chiodo YA122509

Some of its special functions include:
– light-up features to ensure easy readability even in dimly lighted locations
– accurate Swiss-Quartz movement to keep you on time
– water-resistant for up to 30M (99 feet)
– safety shock-resistent function
– a screw-down crown for added security

If you are in the market for a more substantial, durable, everyday watch with more functions and gadgets than fashion, this watch may not best suit your needs. Because it is such a one-of-a-kind piece it works best as a dress accessory for a fancy evening out, but perhaps not for keeping you on time while running errands or while on the job. Before purchasing, be aware that the Gucci Chiodo YA122509 has its minute markers on the inner circle— rather than the natural spot between the hour marks. This makes it a bit difficult to read both the hour and minutes at a glance. Which again makes it more of a jewelry timepiece than a practical watch.

In short, if you want a fairly, reasonably priced watch that is more stylish than it is functional, this is a smart buy. Its style is simple, original, and great for a fancy evening out. Celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly have worn Gucci; it is a timeless and iconic brand that focuses on making watches of high standard and this one is no exception. Crafted with durable materials, engineered with precision, and with its playful spin on the modern design of an old classic, the Gucci Chiodo YA122509 is sure to attract attention and add some glitz and glam to your wrist.

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