28 Aug 2011

Gucci Chiodo Steel Diamond Bangle Women’s Watch and Case YA122514 Review

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Written by: Kailan Kalina

Gucci Chiodo Steel Diamond Bangle Women’s Watch and Case YA122514 - Silver

The Gucci Steel Diamond Women's Watch and Case in silver; round case

Beginning in the 1960s, Gucci has glamorized horsebits and horseshoes with the square head nail symbol in their designs. Today, we see this icon in the Chiodo Collection of breathtaking watches. Gucci has made itself a name with timeless fashion that its wearers can count on for exquisite and classic pieces, and today we see such qualities in the Chiodo Steel Diamond Bangle Women’s Watch and Case YA122514.

This watch is made of smooth stainless steel, sure to impress any onlooker with how well it can complement a tasteful look. Shielded by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the silver-toned helical dial is the base for silver-toned hands and hash marks that show both hours and minutes.
The two horsebit icons connect the case to the slender, elegant bracelet embellished with diamond detailing and fastened together by a jewelry clasp. Nothing says “perfect woman’s timepiece” like one with added jewels.

Details on the Watch:
• Water resistant up to 30 meters or 99 feet
• motive is sun-brushed
• Case diameter = 35 millimeters
• both front and back of the case have protective coating
• Quartz movement – Swiss Rhonda

For some of you, details on the diamonds may be crucial, as they are what characterizes this particular timepiece:
• 57 facets; round, brilliant
• VVS clarity
• Color – F to G
• Weight of carets varies

The Chiodo YA122514 can be purchased online at Endless.com for $2,195. Though this may seem pricy for a timepiece, the beauty of this watch is what makes it so valuable and worth the splurge – especially for a woman who cherishes quality and a fabulous watch! Those struck by this watch may be equally moved by the Gucci Women’s YA122509 Chiodo Steel Bangle Black Helical Dial Watch. Although it doesn’t boast the diamonds that makes the YA122514 shine, it does have all the beauty with the same delicate and graceful  silver bracelet and case.  This can also be found on Endless.com for $795.00.

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