Gucci U-Play Kit Small Lizard Watch Case YFA49001

Written by: Aidan Noda Do you wish that you could change your watch’s color to suit your mood? Well with Gucci’s new series of U-Play watches you can! The Gucci U-Play Kit Small Lizard Watch Case YFA49001 is the perfect addition to any person’s ensemble. It shows off an individuals fashion forward ideals and creativity... read more →

Gucci Women’s Small Diamond Brown Dial Steel Watch YA125503

Written by: Aidan Noda The Gucci Women’s Small Diamond Brown Dial Steel Watch YA125503 is an amazing product. You will love all the attention it will bring to you at parties and around the neighborhood. Give it to your spouse and you will see her light up like never before. Everybody deserves to treat themselves.. read more →

101G-Gucci YA1010\340 Mens Watch

At the first glance the 101G-Gucci YA101340 Mens Watch makes a bold statement. This watch shows that the wearer is confident and attention seeking. However, this timepiece is not glaring it has a subtle boldness to it. The dark black of the watch gives it a classy stylish look and the diamonds that surround it.. read more →

Gucci Women’s Watch Strap and Bezel, U-Play Black Guccissina Leather YFA50026

Written by Aidan Noda Do you get tired of wearing the same color watch every day? Have you ever found that your watch just doesn’t match that new dress that you were planning to wear for that special occasion? Well now you don’t ever have to worry about that happening again! With the Gucci Women’s.. read more →

Gucci U-Play YA129502 Watch Review

If you want a stylish, classy, simple look from a nouveau brand that shines for less than four figures, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 is the way to go. Unlike the Gucci 1921 Quartz Women’s YA130405 which will drive you north of $10,000, you can rest assured that with a new Gucci U-Play YA129502 you will.. read more →

Gucci Men’s YA126222 G-Timeless Brown Chronograph G Dial Review

If you are a distinctive yet practical man looking to accessorize your debonair style, the Gucci Men’s YA126222 G-Timeless Brown Chronograph G Dial Watch is a great choice. As a woman with taste, I would be proud to hold my man’s hand with this unique yet delightfully classical dressing on his wrist. Its neutral autumn.. read more →

Gucci Men’s YA126221 G-Timeless Chronograph Black Dial Watch Review

Although the Gucci Men’s YA126221 G-Timeless Chronograph Black Dial Steel Bracelet watch offers brand name bragging rights and superior Swiss construction, it’s a dime a dozen aesthetically. It is also overpriced, and not worth your money. Stylistically, I am not a big fan of stainless steel in such large proportions. Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend paying.. read more →

Gucci Women’s YA121505 Marina Chain Quartz Watch Review

If you want a blingy look and feel that screams Gucci from afar, and you don’t want to spend that college tuition, the Gucci Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz watch is the watch for you. I love this watch. It retails at $1345, but you can find it online for much less. Unlike the.. read more →

Gucci I-Gucci Digital Men’s Watch YA114208 Review

Written By: Jean Flint In 2011 Gucci has brought out a new digital luxury sport watch among many designer analogue models, the I-Gucci Digital Men’s Watch YA114208. This model in the I-Gucci 114 series has a wristband of dark blue rubber with Gucci “GG” embossing and a deployment clasp, for a maximum wrist size of.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni YA120509 Watch Review

Written by: Laura Barber What do Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez all have in common, besides giant houses, loads of cash and superstar status? They all wear Gucci. If you want to follow in the footsteps of these chic, fashion savvy ladies, then adding the Gucci Tornabuoni YA120509 to your accessory collection will not.. read more →