Gucci Timeless Women’s Watch YA126505 Review

Written by: John Parker My boss loves her Gucci Timeless Women’s Watch YA126505. After all, she’s an intelligent, decisive and independent thinker, and that’s exactly who this watch is made for: women unafraid to give an order and undaunted by adversity. But power doesn’t have to be brutish and beauty can coexist with confidence. The.. read more →

Gucci G-Frame YA128512 Silver Women’s Watch Review

  Mix business and pleasure with Gucci’s G-Frame YA128512 silver-bangle women’s watch.  The G-Frame collection from Gucci is a versatile assortment of watches from one of the world’s most famous brands.   The YA128512 is a day-to-evening watch that is a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.  The Gucci G-Frame YA128512 silver bangle women’s.. read more →

Gucci Twirl Brown Stainless Steel Women’s Watch YA112532 Review

Written by: John Parker Gucci’s Twirl Brown Stainless Steel Women’s Watch YA112532 is the perfect timepiece for a woman with free-spirited and impeccable style. This timepiece’s small (16 millimeter) stainless steel case is nestled comfortably inside a seven inch bracelet that will make an impression on anyone who catches a glimpse of the owner on.. read more →

Gucci G-Frame Square Ladies Watch YA128510 Review

Written by: John Parker The Gucci G-Frame Square Ladies Watch YA128510 is chic and beautifully versatile; a timepiece perfect for sophisticated women with busy lives to live. Just like you, this watch is equally at home at a club, in the office, or putting the kids to bed. Because it boasts a small (14 millimeter).. read more →

Gucci Women’s 112 Twirl YA112504

Written By: Kaelyn Harding Fashionistas gird your loins! The new  Gucci Women’s 112 Twirl YA112504 wrist watch is a stunning example of metalwork and high-quality craftsmanship at its best. But be warned, the price may make you flinch. This is not a product for the faint of pocket-book! The Twirl is a metal Bezel bangle set with no.. read more →

Gucci Men’s YA114215 I-Gucci Digital GRAMMY

Written By: Kaelyn Harding Where Gucci is often a brand associated with women’s accessories, their new line of wrist watches will finally give the men of the fashion world their long-owed homage. The Gucci Men’s YA114215 Digital Grammy may seem like a modern technophile’s dream come true, but look out, while the watch helps generate money for a.. read more →

Gucci Women’s YA109524 G-Line Gold-Plated Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding When it comes to fashionable accessories, some designs are ingenious enough for consumers to overlook the price that retailers demand. The Gucci Women’s YA109524 G-Line is a sleek addition to any wardrobe, but this gold-plated wrist watch may not be worth the cost of the Gucci tag. So far as the.. read more →

Gucci Women’s YA126504 G-Timeless Mother of Pearl Wrist Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding Tired of the gaudy bangle watches that are cropping up in recent fashion trends? The Gucci Women’s YA126504 has decided to return to the classic look of the watch with this installment of the G-Timeless line. Get ready to unfold your money clip, because this throw-back has just as many elegant.. read more →

Gucci Women’s YA125406 Wrist Watch

Written By: Kaelyn Harding The world of high-fashion can be difficult to keep up with- especially on a working woman’s budget. With a little monetary investment, however, the Gucci Women’s YA125406 Wrist Watch can become an elegant and sophisticated accessory that will easily elevate even a bargain-rack-boudoir for years to come. The new Gucci women’s watch.. read more →

Gucci Chiodo Steel Diamond Bangle Women’s Watch and Case YA122514 Review

Written by: Kailan Kalina Beginning in the 1960s, Gucci has glamorized horsebits and horseshoes with the square head nail symbol in their designs. Today, we see this icon in the Chiodo Collection of breathtaking watches. Gucci has made itself a name with timeless fashion that its wearers can count on for exquisite and classic pieces,.. read more →