23 Jul 2011

Gucci 1921 Womens Watch YA130403 Review

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Written By: Christine Texeira

Model YA130403 of Gucci 1921 Collection

Elegant Gucci 1921

Gucci introduced the 1921 collection of watches this year in celebration of its 90th anniversary as a fashion powerhouse and purveyor of quality clothing and accessories. The watches in this collection are reminiscent of 1920s style and clearly exude the, at times, necessity of fashion over function. The Gucci 1921 YA130403 womens watch is an artisan crafted piece of jewelry that, if required, can also tell time.

Designed by Frida Giannini, these watches celebrate the Gucci brand with elegant leather and stainless steel combined into a beautiful mixture of past and present design. Available in four color variations (YA130401, YA130402, YA130403, YA130404), the womens 1921 collection offers a fashionable accessory as both watch and bangle.

The brown color of YA130403 is displayed around the bracelet, bevel and within the watch face creating a dark palette, broken only by flashy silver links connecting the face and leather band, and composing the clasp. These silver accents take the shape of a horsebit, a subtle nod to Gucci’s esteemed heritage. Along with the prominent brand reminder at the top of the watches face, it is impossible to forget that something this elegant is resolutely Gucci.

The Basics:

  • Swiss Made Ronda quartz movement
  • Sapphire crystal cannot be scratched, always easy to see interior with anti-reflective coating
  • Stainless steel case covered in leather, 25mm
  • Brown face; leather and stainless steel bangle
  • The internal case is water-resistant to 30 meters, or 99 feet; leather is not water-resistant
Gucci 1921 Women's Watches Collection

Four Variations in Women's 1921 Collection

The downside to Gucci’s 1921 womens collection is the difficulty in actually telling time. With years of practice it is simple to understand the location of one through twelve without distinct numerical markers, but this timepiece’s absence of markers of any kind makes it difficult to piece together any time. There is an hour hand and minute hand, but no seconds in sight. Missing the four prominent baton hour markers at twelve, three, six, and nine discerning the time cannot be the primary motivation for owning this watch.

Further, the leather of this watch is not water-resistant, but there is no need to jump in and swim to get attention while wearing a fine piece of jewelery like Gucci’s 1921 watch. If you are looking to own a Gucci 1921 collection watch, function is the least of your concerns. At 1,150 US Dollars you can easily find cheaper, easier-to-read watches in other Gucci lines, but the Gucci 1921 YA130403 is an aesthetic anomaly that makes a particular statement. Such an object is a small, yet resounding moment of fashion; a gesture toward luxury without rubbing it in.

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