20 Jul 2011

Gucci 1921 Collection Women’s Camel Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle Watch and Case YA130401 Review

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Gucci 1921 Women's Camel Leather Bangle Watch YA130401

Gucci 1921 Women's Camel Leather Bangle Watch YA130401

Written by: Kirsten Richards

Gucci is a name synonymous with elegance.  In honor of its 90th anniversary, Gucci created the 1921 line of watches, which are indeed elegant.  The Gucci Women’s 1921 Camel Leather Bangle Watch YA130401 provides a throwback to the refined tastes of the 1920s while incorporating the modern trend of camel-colored leather contrasted with polished silver accents.  It is a fitting tribute to Gucci’s reign of style.

The elegance of the watch is in its delicacy. It is constructed with linking silver rings and striking camel-colored leather.  It is meant to float on a woman’s wrist as an accent piece, not necessarily as an everyday accessory.  The watch face itself is white with the Gucci name imprinted clearly at the top.  There are no numerals; instead, the delicacy is reinforced with silver baton markers around the dial.  The hour and minute hands are also silver, staying true to the theme of silver trimmings on the piece.

Other key features of the watch

  • 25mm x 25 mm stainless steel case, covered with camel-colored leather
  • Stainless steel jewelry clasp, fittingly elegant
  • Quartz movement
  • Sapphire crystal face-covering, which is scratch-resistant
  • Water-resistant to 100 feet (in practicality)
  • Swiss made
  • 2 year warranty

One possible downside of this Gucci watch is the readability of its dial.  First, the silver and white color scheme, though very elegant and delicate, does not provide enough contrast to easily glance at the watch to find the time.  Similarly, the hour markers are small lines, which contribute more to the lack of readability.  However, because this watch is not necessarily meant to be worn in all situations, the gorgeous style outweighs the possible inconvenience.

Gucci 1921 Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle Women's Watch Collection

Gucci 1921 Leather and Stainless Steel Bangle Women's Watch Collection

There are three other versions of this watch:

  • Gucci 1921 YA130402, black face, black leather casing
  • Gucci 1921 YA130403, brown face, brown leather casing
  • Gucci 1921 YA130404, white face, white leather casing

In terms of readability, the black and brown faces are exceedingly clearer.  However, neither of the color schemes looks quite as delicate as the camel-colored leather. Also, the white leather does not provide a striking contrast to the polished silver and also presents a problem of readability, but it would complement a variety of ensembles more readily than the camel leather.

The watch is available from three places online:

  • Gucci.com, where it is listed at $1150
  • Endless.com, with a price tag of $1150
  • Watchesbydesign.com, at $995

The benefit of going with Endless.com is free overnight shipping and free return shipping.  Watchesbydesign.com does not offer free return shipping, and some of its information on the watch is incorrect, which should make buyers a little leery.  Gucci.com allows returns of watches to any of its boutiques in the U.S., but there is a charge for shipping.

This particular watch is a clear demonstration of the beauty of Gucci products. The contrast of camel-colored leather and polished silver is attractive and delicate, mixing the past and present in a way only Gucci can.

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