Gucci G-Timeless Men’s Watch YA126232 Watch Review

Review by Kaitlin Young Any watch speaks wonders about the man who wears it. A watch makes a statement about who you are in the matter of seconds it takes to check the time. A person who wears the Gucci G-Timeless YA126232 strikes a balance between being both rugged and sophisticated. The white dial may.. read more →

Gucci Collection G-Timeless Watch YA126231

Written by: Robin Comita The new Gucci collection G-Timeless watch is built for casual wear and sports. It features a Swiss Made, ETA quartz movement and is available in sizes small, medium, and extra large. ETA is an abbreviation for ETA SA, a group who designs and manufactures watches from Switzerland. They are a subsidiary.. read more →

Gucci YA126229 Men’s Watch

For the man who likes to pretend he dives, or the diver who wants to maintain appearances on dry land, Gucci humbly submits the YA126229 from the Timeless collection. This watch has all the appearance of a basic dive watch, including a rotating bezel to allow you to keep track of when 20 minutes ago.. read more →

Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501 Review

Written by: Kirsten Richards If you want a Gucci watch that can be worn on a daily basis, the Gucci Timeless Women’s Stainless Steel Patterned Watch YA126501 is a great investment.  It demonstrates the classic elegance of the Gucci name while allowing more functionality than some of Gucci’s pricier watch designs. The polished silver stainless.. read more →

Gucci G-Timeless Men’s Watch YA126230 Review

Written by: Kaitlin Young It’s rare to find a design that is both eye-catching and subtly chic. However, the Gucci G-Timeless Men’s watch YA126230 is just that. Initially, the large design and bold red and black contrast capture the eye. This watch features a black dial with bright red hour markers. The tips of the.. read more →